USC National Title Odds

Here are the latest College Football Playoff title odds from the Las Vegas SuperBook:

Alabama 7/4

Clemson 4/1

Georgia, Ohio State 6/1

Michigan 10/1

Auburn, Washington 15/1

Oklahoma, Wisconsin 20/1

Penn State 25/1

Miami, Michigan State, Notre Dame, Texas 30/1

Florida State, USC 40/1

LSU, West Virginia 60/1

Mississippi State, Stanford 80/1

Florida, Nebraska, Oregon, TCU, Texas A&M, Virginia Tech 100/1


11 thoughts on “USC National Title Odds

  1. While strolling through this thing we call the World Wide Web, I came across an article written by David Jones on former USC qb Jimmy Jones. If you think you know this story think again.
    It can be found on the PennLive website-enjoy.


    1. A great find – the writer did a lot of research – I was amazed no mention made of the 1970 upset of Theismann and the Irish in the rain. I had a class with Jones a great teacher a ‘Professor Goldstein’ – literature focusing on the classics. Jones was there two weeks and ‘pffft’ gone.

      Here’s the link

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  2. It kind of mirrors the fan base that buys (or more accurately bought) those annual pre-season football mags that shriveled up over the past 10 years. Not to say the talent doesn’t ‘congegate’ in certain zip codes ‘but’ the publishers always ranked the teams from the ‘confederacy’ higher than all the rest because those ‘good ole’ boys’ were the bulk of their ‘paying’ readers.

    Malshan is on ‘thin ice’ at Auburn – same with Harbaugh @ MI. Kelly is still ensconced at So. Bend-In because of the foolish contract they gave him. Urban Meyer’s team seemed primed for a smooth run this year – not so sure now with the major distraction on his hands. Mark Richt always seems to get his team to the summit but never quite on top. Petersen is in his 5th year – good coach but I fail to see the odds – a loss to Auburn torpedoes them fast as, conversely, it shall do the same to Auburn.

    The rest are accurate – AL (Sabin) Clemson (Swinney) OK (Riley) GA (Smart) Franklin (PA St.)

    Can’t wait – love this time of year


  3. I’d like to see USC average 200 yards rushing and 200 yards passing per game…I’d like to see the defense get 2 turnovers per game and limit opposing teams scoring under 20 points per game.


  4. I just want to see SC get lined up properly and get the ball hiked before they have to call a timeout because they could not do those things. I would like to see the qb have a clean jersey after the game for once.


    1. “…like to see the qb have a clean jersey after the game for once.” I understand your sentiment but you know – there’s an awful lot of ‘qbs’ that do have ‘clean jerseys’ because they couldn’t handle the pressure of finding an open receiver. They threw the ball too quickly for picks or incompletes.


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