Sunday Night With Clay Helton

USC coach Clay Helton spoke to reporters tonight.

On allowing 308 yards rushing: “To give over 300 yards of rushing is not us.”

On JT Daniels: “I couldn’t have been more pleased…He looked extremely comfortable. He was efficient. He was accurate.”

On the offense: “If originally you would’ve told me that we were going to start an 18-year-old quarterback and have a redshirt freshman center, and you walk out there and have 500 yards of offense and 43 points, I would’ve been very happy.”

And on three players being sent off the field by referees because they failed to meet the new NCAA uniform rules: “Didn’t know they were going to be that serious about it.”

The players apparently wore knee pads above the knee and left their knees uncovered. I said when the NCAA passed these rules it would be a nightmare for USC, which runs such a loose program.


27 thoughts on “Sunday Night With Clay Helton

  1. Poll do out tomorrow? MI, WA, TX & Miami all lost or Miami) losing. Those were good questions and decent replies by HC Helton. ‘Sounds’ a bit more aware and focused then he has the past 1.5 seasons. Daniels is ‘his’ recruit ‘100%’ and as such, so is the team. Also noted the poster on the other feed about: no fumbles, no interceptions and no penalties for personal fouls.

    Stanford’s receivers looked hesitant against San Diego St. then again 1st game of season. TX looked clueless so much for Herman’s ‘we are ready’ idiocy.

    Lastly very fortunate getting this game against Stanford out of the ay this early regardless of result but I sense a victory – we have a better overall team and I also think a better qb.

    Expect we crack the Top 10.

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      1. Thanks, Pudly —you saved us all a lot of wasted search time (“Where the hell is it? I can’t find the AP poll anywhere!”)……

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      1. If we win over the next 2 weeks, we could be top 5 (depending on how many other top 10 teams lose). The only proviso: (as Bill Murray says to the kids in Meatballs) “It just doesn’t matter.”


  2. In the past few years the knee pad has all but disappeared from the college game. I have wondered in print why this was. So the loose program is the whole Division. The only thing I saw yesterday was a bandana that was hanging out. I have seen that system wide also.
    I have seen refs throw a flag on an untucked jersey but that was years ago. I really don’t think a uniform inspection is needed to play football. Players know what is needed and can pass muster.

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    1. Estevan donde esta el amor?……..Look lover of ‘Khaos’ we must ‘blend’ as fellow ‘hermanos’ de Universidad de Califonie de Sud’ verdad? I like our odds this coming Saturday against ‘Legolands’ replicant of their ‘playpen’ that ‘faux’ farce that has no identity save ‘lovers of the progressive and festive left’ ‘el granja’

      As that gutless coward Vladimir Ulyanov said ‘…all power to the soviets!’

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  3. I’d rather have the eyes of the refs on the action of the game rather than scanning a uniform for something that might be out of place.


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      1. Like the “If a TREE falls in the woods does it make a sound?” question, I think it’s best if we don’t let the ref focus on tangential things.


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  4. Does Coach Helton ever get pissed off? I hope he does and I hope he chews on Bolden and the other yahoos that are screwing up. O line was the soft serve variety once again. No I formation, no jumbo package. No showing of power football. If Helton calls that power football, then the entire offensive staff needs to look at the 70 Rose Bowl games when USC not only ran power, they dominated.

    Get PISSED Helton


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