Safety Depth Remains An Issue

Safety Isaiah Pola-Mao did not practice because of an illness. He should return in a day or two.

That left C.J. Pollard at safety for Wednesday’s practice. Bubba Bolden remains suspended by the university but could hear his fate by the end of the week on how long he will be out. Ykili Ross has left and there has been some speculation he could return but I’ve heard he will not return to the team.


8 thoughts on “Safety Depth Remains An Issue

  1. What’s the harm in throwing a few receivers out there after Jackson played both ways. Receivers know routes and fakes it seems natural to me to let them try.


  2. You’re, of course, forgetting one of the most promising young safeties in everyone’s opinion (except, maybe, yours – respectfully) – Talanoa Hufanga. That kid’s a beast.


    1. I saw him….he made the last tackle of the Vegas game, #15……but is he ready for Stanford at the Farm? They have big wideouts and even bigger tight ends….one of them from Simi Valley….6’ 7” Colby Parkinson…..


      1. I thought C. J. Pollard had a few good coverages that I noticed…..This is a big game for his career….he seems bright and rangy and his dad was a good ball player for USC…


  3. Gee safety shouldn’t be important right, I mean Stanford only throws about 10 jump balls to 6’8″ receivers a game. What could go wrong?


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