Sunday Night With Clay Helton

USC coach Clay Helton said JT Daniels has a bruised hand after he underwent an MRI today. He will be re-evaluated but is expected to play Tuesday. Safety Isaiah Pola-Mao is out at least two weeks with a dislocated shoulder.

As for the game, Helton said, “I thought our players competed extremely hard and that was evident on the tape.”

Asked again about the lack of touches for Amon-Ra St. Brown, Helton said, “It wasn’t for a lack of trying to get him the ball.”

Helton said all the Trojans’ goals are still available. This is where a problem occurs: Everyone knows a national title isn’t really attainable now based on the poor performances in the first two games. Maybe winning the Pac-12 South, of course, because it is a joke. Maybe even a Pac-12 title. But that is only significant to the homer fans who have no standards.

12 thoughts on “Sunday Night With Clay Helton

  1. Flow, such an opportunist…The picture is so uncalled for and so quickly overused by you. He could be getting information about what his wife might want for dinner later. Chill back on this picture. The best part is someone sent it to you, so it’s not even originally your idea. Such an immense douche.


  2. Those aren’t the goals Helton is talking about. His goals are staying employed, not losing to terribly and making a bowl game he can win.
    I would love to see Helton succeed, however if he continues to be Mr. Niceguy on the sidelines there will be no improvement. I not saying Woody Hayes crazy but let the team know when the screw up. If there are no consequences there is no mistake.


    1. People are under the mistaken impression that Clay Helton is a nice or decent guy. No. He is a politician. Politicians are great at deflecting responsibility onto someone else. In the case of this whole coaching staff, Clay has created an environment where the coaches deflect responsibility onto the players. According to the coaches it was missed assignments that caused the problem, and hence, the problem of the player (not the coach). Whenever they are asked what went wrong, the coaches refer to “watching the tape”. Well, that is just a way for them to assign blame to the players. This isn’t a “nice guy”. This is a 50-something year old man blaming kids. How nice is that?

      The truth is that the blame for the player performance is on the coaches. They are not practicing physical. They are not teaching relentless execution. They are not even effectively devising offensive schemes that allow players to succeed. The team would descend into total failure if not for the pure talent of the players and the coaching of Clancy Pendergast, who is at least competent.


      1. Yes! Yes! Yes! You are on target. Helton, a very nice guy, is over his head.he is a mediocre coach. We might as well start looking for an outstanding coach. Because of the coaching I would not encourage players to come to us. I am sad when I say that. The coaches, including Helton, never take any blame for our failures. Unfortunately we are stuck until we find a president for the University. The interim president will not be able to make any changes and Swann is useless. Lastly, coaches that blame the kids are lousy coaches and our coaches do a lot of that. So Helton, please man up and resign. And, stop talking about championships, that is a lot of public relations babble, you know that will NEVER happen under your leadership. You know deep down inside , where it counts , that you are constantly out coached.


  3. The poor offensive performance in the start of this season is something that was predicted many months ago with the departure of Sam Darnold, whose elusive plays would cover up many weaknesses in coaching and OL, among other things. Now Helton and his staff’s incompetence is exposed in rather ugly ways, and I wouldn’t be surprised even if things get more ugly next week against Texas.


  4. Was it just me or for a moment, with Fink in the game, it seemed like there was an identity? Not saying he should start, but, when he was in there we went to a spread run oriented offense. We did it consistently and moved the chains for a bit. Again, I don’t think Fink should play above JT, but because of panic the playbook shrank and there was some effectiveness. Hoping there will be some panic this week and we play a true pro style. Run straight ahead from pistol, because we never get under center anymore, play action, bootlegs. That got a whole series of QB’s drafted, even guys who really shouldn’t have been.


  5. SCooter,

    if you were there on the phone for the interview, why did you not ask why he did not yell at the refs for pass interference or yell at Martin to get his act together? I tell ya, you blow so many opportunities, unless you are a Homer and deal with him softly.


  6. BigMac,

    With all due respect to you, that is not good enough for SC. SC is use to the rare air of national championships, Heisman’s, and knowing that when you play an equal or superior opponent, the win is already in the bag for USC. I grew up on that premise. I expect it as of today and going forward. SC needs to set the bar on the standard of the highest caliber of college football. I still say bama is a fluke and that they cheat. Just winning the PAC 12 conference is SC’s given birth right, but they have to earn it. With great coaching and talent, they do. Right now, the coaching is substandard, but they do have talent. Thank you.


  7. Boy, Gomer messed up again. I predicted many years ago that Kiffin wouldn’t last, Sarkisian wouldn’t last, and that Helton was not qualified for the job. You can blame Helton’s head coach position on Pat Haden and the now disgraced Max Nikias. Both these knuckleheads put Helton in charge. Helton has been in the program for 8 years now. He has morphed into Paul Hackett, Ted Tollner, and Larry Smith. Now that Haden is (supposedly) gone from the football program, and Nikias is (who knows where, and who actually cares ?), it is time for Lynn Swann to grow a pair and dump Helton. Saturday’s loss would have sent my blood pressure sky high if it weren’t for the fact that my kids are now enrolled at Stanford, and not USC.


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