USC Isn’t Helping The Conference Of Champions’ Image Either

Here’s my column for the Sporting News on the Pac-12’s up-and-down weekend:

Stanford’s business-like 17-3 victory over USC solidified the Cardinal’s status as a top-10 team. But it also exposed the Trojans as a unit with several weaknesses, especially on offense. That could lead to future embarrassments for the Pac-12’s most recognizable brand, this time in marquee nonconference games against Texas on Saturday and Notre Dame on Nov. 24.

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11 thoughts on “USC Isn’t Helping The Conference Of Champions’ Image Either

  1. When coaches are constantly leaning on “I don’t know, I’ll have to go back and watch the tape” speak, how will they make in game, real time personnel and playcalling adjustments?


      1. Doctors who save probably make anywhere from $100,000 to $300,000 on average…Coaches who football in the Sun Belt make $375,000 to $11,000,000 in the SEC….it’s fair to expect more from them.


  2. Huh? It’s a conference game, and the higher ranked team won. How, exactly, does that hurt the conference? Bizarro Logic, Scottie. There are about 100 good arguments against what SC did this weekend, but you’ve made 2 or 3 in the last 48 hours which are just “out there”, baby. Still love you!


    1. It hurt’s because Scott is right – USC ‘was’ the standard that gave the Pac-12 gravitas. Even consuming the sanctions and length of penalties the selection of head coaches since PC left has been mediocre (Kiffin) to outright pathetic (Sarkisian and Helton). This game might have been own if a certain head coach had really prepared the team for this game.

      I still remember that look on Meyer’s face at the ‘meet and greet’ before the Cotton Bowl looking at Helton in amazement that he was head coach of USC.

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  3. It is almost too simple. Not one of the quarterbacks is ready for prime time. Fink’s pass left me wondering why he hadn’t practiced throwing. I haven’t seen Sears, but if Fink is the next best player as a quarterback we are really not recruiting well.
    I would say it’s unfair to ask Daniels lead with little preparation, but everyone knew he was the pick coming in. He attended practice so he already had a some prep. The balls he is throwing are catchable so blame the receivers too.


  4. You can’t blame J.T. Daniels when the Trojans offensive line hasn’t been properly coached up to know how to block. As if the kid wasn’t under enough pressure by being named the starter, he has to deal with constant pass rush getting to him in a hurry on every pass play. Neil Callaway is pathetic and not qualified to coach Pee Wee football.


  5. Is it too early to hope for tanking? If a bad season helps us get rid of Helton, it’s worth it. Let’s cut our losses and be done with this. Saturday’s game made me yearn for the days of Paul Hackett.

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  6. Boy, do I remember when Chris Petersen came to interview at USC for the head football coach job. Pat Haden didn’t like him because Chris knew his stuff (he won a National Championship) and wasn’t going to take direction from Haden. Instead, we get this Bozo of a clown who couldn’t coach his way out of a brown paper bag. Ugh. This is going to be a LLLLOOOONNNGGG season.

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