Morning Buzz: Does USC Try To Learn From Programs Like Alabama?

I spoke to an NFL defensive coordinator who watched the USC-Stanford game and wondered if the coaches/administration have any idea what the nation’s top programs are doing to be successful?

“USC football is in a sad state of affairs. whoever is overseeing the program, they are not paying attention to what is going on at the top of college football,” he said.

  • Forbes magazine has its annual ranking of the nation’s most valuable football programs. USC is only No. 18. By comparison, in 2013 the Trojans were ranked 13th. Full rankings here.
  • Sam Darnold had an excellent performance in his first game. Here was the danger of pundits who went after Darnold when his first pass was a pick six.

That’s a Collin Cowherd-esque level flip-flop.



14 thoughts on “Morning Buzz: Does USC Try To Learn From Programs Like Alabama?

  1. I think it’s fine if there is a “USC way” and I don’t think you necessarily have to copy what other programs are doing. I just think you need to be smart and innovative within what you are doing.

    Rather than look so much at other teams, I think we need to spend time looking at what other teams (spefically defenses) see when they look at us. As an OC, I control what the defense is seeing and what kind of experience each individual defensive player is having on every play. If I control and account for what each player has seen and experienced because of my play calling, then I have a sense of where each player’s head is going to be at any given time. I’m going to know what his expectations and tendencies will be because I’ve given them to him. At some point (4th and 2, red zone etc…) I am going to use this kid’s state of mind and expectations against him. You don’t have to keep track of of every defender’s experiences or do things on the fly if you’ve scripted the plays first. You’ll know what each defensive player has seen and experienced and what he is probably expecting when he sees a certain look or a certain action. You then have an entire package that you can run off of the first 15 that will take advantage of the tendencies and expectations that you’ve sown in the first 15. Once you show the defense the second package, you’re 25 play calls into a game and the defense doesn’t know what to expect.

    I think we should spend more time and thought looking at ourselves from the perspective of those 18 to 22 year olds on defense, understanding that they can be attacked psychologically as well as physically. The physical attack has to come from the players, but the psychological attack is all on the coaches.


  2. USC way stinks right now in football. Their B.S. sign of Faith, Family and
    Football says it all. That is Coach Helton who belongs in the deep south
    with the religious fanatics. Trojan family is a joke the way loyal supporters
    are being treated with having to pay dearly for the same seats in the L.A.
    Coliseum now named after an airline.


    1. I totally understand why you feel how you feel and I can’t blame you. Your problem is that Helton is pretty good at rallying the troops after a loss and he’ll probably do it again.


    1. I’m sick of this politically correct BS coming from the administration and Lynn Swann’s department. Get rid of this dude and get the program rolling again. Helton is a loser and has no football sophistication. You want me to pay an outrageous personal license fee for each season ticket I own ? Really ? Then you’d better deliver on the football end or otherwise you can take your lousy season tickets and shove them. At the rate the program is going, USC won’t even be able to fill up a Coliseum that in substantially reduced in seating capacity to 75,000 seats. Get the message Lynn Swann ?

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  3. These coaches are paid millions and for what? These guys are ripping off the donors, the students, the players and the USC faithful like nothing else. The product on the field is an embarrassment. Thank you, Mr. Swann. Keep low, stay p.c., your retirement is coming soon, I hope, yes; stay down in the bunker. It is safe there.


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