JT Daniels Is OK

Clay Helton said today the bruise on JT Daniels’ right hand, “hurts like heck” but he will play against Texas.

And what about his performance vs. Stanford?

“He’s going to go through some growing pains and we’re going to live with it and we’re going to move on as an offense,” Helton said.

Here is Daniels: “There were things we missed. Things we’ve got to see a little quicker, I’d say is the biggest thing, just basic experience things that I’ll learn as I go.”

From QB coach Bryan Ellis: “I was really proud of him for showing toughness he did for coming back in the game. You gotta stand in there; At some point, you’re going to get hit and you’re gonna get hit in the mouth. You gotta stand in there and throw it. You’re gonna get hit anyways, you might as well complete it.”

Ellis on the failure to find wide receiver Amon-Ra St. Brown.

“We missed a couple. He was open. For whatever reason, the ball didn’t find him in the first half. In the second half, he had six or eight targets.”


15 thoughts on “JT Daniels Is OK

      1. Once these things happen and pile on, it’s an issue for the young man….that’s just the way it is…he looked like the best tackling safety we had BY FAR!!!!


      2. As hard as it is for me to say, it’s probably not the best idea, for either side, to recruit players who injure in high school and have surgery…The percentages are way against…


  1. Budda, you are correct, the soft serve ice cream cone oline totally sucks.

    BTW, I am glad Daniels is ok, however is T Martin ok? His play calling reminds me of some wanna be competent person who knows how to call an offense. He has no clue.


    1. The O-Line opened some nice holes for the running backs. Daniels needs
      to roll out more to give him a better look downfield. He is short stature to see over some taller linemen especially when rushed hard down the middle. He can run well enough to get yardage when pressured out of the pocket. Better play calling would be a big help all around. A number of dropped passes by Tyler Petite, and even Vaughn one makes a difference in field position. Under use of Velus Jones who is their fastest receiver and on the team in general doesn’t spread the opposing defenses.


  2. Daniels is not going to be ok. If this O line continues to play like it has, and there is no reason to believe they could possibly change overnight like everyone hopes, Daniels is going to not necessarily have physical damage, but what will happen to him is the same as when Barkely got put in as a freshman. Happy feet, worried about the pain of getting hit, watching the pocket, not the progressions. There is the possibility of a serious physical injury with this O line and the fact he has never had to run for his life play after play. Darnold he is not, he is Daniels.


  3. How about some criticism for Clay for playing Daniels with a bruised hand? I guess he felt that Daniels at less than 100 percent is better than Fink, but maybe he still could have tried something different when the offense was stalling out with JT.


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