Maybe QB Is Way Down USC’s List Of Concerns

USC ranked 122nd nationally in rushing yards per carry allowed (6.69 yards).

Now, some of you will immediately point to one Bryce Love run and a fake reverse by UNLV for inflating the stat. But then that leads to a discussion on explosive plays allowed.

Besides, USC radio announcer Pete Arbogast (and others) said before the season this would be the best defense since 2008. I think we can already bury that theory.


7 thoughts on “Maybe QB Is Way Down USC’s List Of Concerns

  1. The USC administration is satisfied with mediocre football, so don’t look for any type of championship type of football anytime soon. They extended Clay Helton’s contract before he could prove himself without Sam Darnold, and to no surprise to anyone but Lynn Swann, Helton is proving his critics to be correct.

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  2. I just don’t see much improvement happening anywhere on this squad at this point. Saturday should tell quite a bit about where this season is headed. Right now it seems as though they don’t handle adversity well at all. Can’t adjust on the fly and don’t seem to be able to see what is working and stay with it. Trying to outsmart everyone instead of playing.


  3. From yahoo

    “2019 NFL draft primer: Here’s what scouts are saying about Stanford’s Bryce Love

    Over the past 12 years, Stanford has gone from the outhouse to the penthouse in the Pac-12 by recruiting the rarest of things in today’s college football landscape — big, strong offensive linemen who can mash teams in an old-school, pro-style offense.”

    Says it all – no big men – that’s all on the targets that USC is recruiting….need to be rid of Helton and the staff he’s surrounded himself with – they have no foresight. This is impacting us this year and the next and the next….


  4. I’d love to float the theory that we would be better if Bubba Bolden was playing, but that’s crap 💩. The defensive secondary is to the defense what the offensive line is to the offense. Two Achilles heels we do not need. We could have the best quarterback in the country but without blocking we can’t prove it. It does no good to throw a pass from your backside. And if the other team torches our defense it is a waste having good linemen on defense.
    I would like to know when someone id going to coach the team in football.


  5. SCooter,

    What the heck are yout talking about? Your first sentence leads us to believe that USC is gaining 6.69 yards per carry. However, the next paragraph remotely leads you to believe it is the defense that you are talking about. What are you trying to say?


  6. Mark Whicker in today’s Daily New$ had this gem from the OC Tee Martin

    “USC coach Clay Helton probably did the right thing when he selected freshman JT Daniels as his starting quarterback over Matt Fink and Jack Sears. But it was odd to hear offensive coordinator Tee Martin say, after the loss, that Daniels ‘….should be in high school still, and not on the road facing Stanford.’ ”

    Look at that – the gutless incompetent throws the QB under the bus because he (Martin) didn’t have an7y idea how to strategize an offense for this game. Let’s see based on Martin’s insight it would seem Fink and Sears were a better move?


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