How Strong Is USC?

In the offseason, there was a lot of chatter about how USC was stronger and working harder in the weight room than in the past.

But as I watched the Stanford and Texas games, I never got the impression USC was especially imposing physically.

I see a lot of big guys on the defensive line but not a whole lot of production. Porter Gustin always looks the part but he basically runs his own strength regime.

Again, what is the strength coach doing? Does any USC opponent ever feel beat up after playing the Trojans?


17 thoughts on “How Strong Is USC?

  1. We certainly don’t seem to be inflicting much pain on the opposition. Mental or physical. You can search the net and find college’s pumping up their strength coach (Bama) an others with video’s of their workouts. Nothing I can find however of Sc.


  2. Again, Scottie – because you are “Inside USC”, we would expect that you could answer some of your own questions. The fact that you can’t leads some former players to believe that you don’t have any access. Bums me out though. Regardless, I’ll keep coming to your blog for the grade-A snark! (But I’ll continue to listen to DW for the real inside stuff).


  3. All I can say is: Washington St. 32 – USC 14. SC has a second string field goal kicker. I won’t put pressure on him. That is why I did not add a field goal or the score would be 13.


    1. Interesting… this seems like a rubber band game for us. Can’t see SC losing 3 straight. But who knows? If so, it’s earthquake time.


  4. Blocking is more than bumping into someone across the line. They is correct leverage and foot work. You could lift a refrigerator over head and still be ineffective as a lineman. I think the defense is in better shape, but they go all out every play and their backfield isn’t able to get them off the field. It’s like a video game eventually you wear down.


  5. I just so want this clown Helton sacked and all his ‘faux’ posse with him – you watch attendance tank up to the Irish game and next year an even sharper drop off if this poor sap is still in charge.


    1. Who, Commie Succ, do you suggest the bozos employ to replace Coach Helton? Mr. Del Rio isn’t an option. He’s strictly Pro FB orientated, and wants no part of babysitting overrated, underachieving FB players bozo u tends to accumulate.

      Maybe, Bob Stoops, but I think not. I’m certain Mr. Stoops has an IQ > 55 so he wouldn’t want any part of a jaundiced, leaderless Univ., that ESPN described as “bozo u.”

      Hey Commie Succ, maybe Little Petey, soon to be fired in Seattle, might want a second bite of USC’s rotten apple. Fight on!


      1. Owns, LMAO,

        Your ugliness, ugly has no room to talk. They paid the Chimp $12 million to leave and now you pay Chimp 2 $23 million to keep the dumpster fire going over at ugly.

        Ugly will never be relevant in football and basketball as well. They never have been because Johnny Cheetin’ Wooden bought those titles. Did you participate in the Jumping Jack Circle after the FSU game? I bet you did.

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      2. Word out on the street is that Urban Meyer is looking to leave Ohio State and USC is interested in replacing Helton (soon)


  6. Stanford and Texas whupped SC’s a#s. Did you see the olines size for both? 6’6″ 320 lbs going for them. SC used to have huge oline’s, however, they have downsized to 5’6″ and 330 lbs. They aren’t called the soft serve oline for nothing.


    1. Can’t see the alumni with $ putting up with this mess much longer no matter what Swann gave Gomer – need to ride this out through December and this time make a solid choice instead of a ‘…we’re gonna’ have a surfin’ hootenany!” hoe down jamboree.

      What is going to be more amusing is if Kelly lost whatever he had @ OR because he sure didn’;t have anything with PHIL or SF…slinking back to collegeville at bel-air tech


  7. Memo: Pasadena bozo

    Unlike bozo u, UCLA hasn’t been forced to employ 5 HFBC’s in three years. Furthermore, UCLA doesn’t negotiate HC contracts in a sleazy Seattle bar or pay a mega premium to release alcoholic HFBC from a U-Dub contract. In Seattle, the slang term for a dumb sucker is “Haden” ….As in what f****n Haden! Fight on.


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