Sunday Night With Clay Helton

USC coach Clay Helton was his usual self tonight.

“I see a team that plays with tremendous effort and tremendous competitiveness,” Helton said. “The thing that stands out is the need for more consistent play.”

And then this:

“At the end of the day, I believe in this team. I believe we have the men to compete for a Pac-12 championship.”

What does that really mean in the lousy Pac-12?

And what about Aca’Cedric Ware’s comments that the practices were “lazy?”

Helton said Ware might mean Thursday’s practice, which was off for the offense. But Ware was referring to the past two weeks. So complete denial, as usual.


14 thoughts on “Sunday Night With Clay Helton

  1. Flow, it’s not so much “denial” as it is “I don’t wanna spill the beans about what is really going on.” So, you can’t fault Helton for NOT flat-out saying, “Hey, I’ve screwed this thing up.” No coach is gonna say that.

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  2. I see in Helton a man who’s still beside himself for having his dream job, and he might be just drunk in that thought and emotions and nothing else. In other words, this job is way too big for him to handle, and his assistants uncontrollable. I think he should resign voluntarily if he sees how selfish he really is when he gets down to it. Does he know how many passionate SC fans are agonizing over the terrible state of their football team? Is he aware how unenjoyable and unpleasant to watch SC football has become under his regime? I hope so, but I doubt it. It’s time to go, Helton.

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      1. We turned on the Avengers movie to get away from the stink. BTW infinity wars is a joy compared to our nonblocking linemen at least I felt some emotion when people on screen started to turn to ash.


    1. How true that is – he fell into a mine shaft of gold without raising a pick ax. Amen – he won’t do a thing because he doesn’t have a clue and for the USC ‘deep state’ crew that’s fine with them Remember when Haden stated he wanted to make USC more like notre dame? The claim was the need for more ‘academics’ which is a ‘pitch’ for ‘left-progressive’ agendas? Nikias hired a lot of that ilk as professors over the past 10 years. I have often believed the reason the corrupt ncaa hit us so hard is because we’re the most conservative school in the top 25 hands down.


      1. Hey, I haven’t looked at it that way before, but it does make me think. A sharp observation on your part. It’s great to see you thriving in here. Fight on!


  3. Helton’s USC teams are not USC!!! And do expect him to resign? Of course not!!! This is getting way beyond ridiculous. His performance as a coach, hiring staff, is just beyond ludicrous.


  4. He is a diplomatic goof. I guess that’s why they hired him. He says the right thing. If I were him I’d have the team doing laps and up- downs for the first hour of practice. Then have the defense run at O line and for each man who gets through a lap. For each man who gets by untouched, pushups for the lineman responsible. No more Mr. Niceguy!!


  5. Did you see the bozos of ugly after there loss? They were doing jumping jacks and doing them while they are in a moving circle. What a joke and a maroon.

    As far sc is concerned, the only practice on Tuesday is 2 hours of running and calestenics. Horrible, simply horrible.


  6. Clay Helton is not in denial. He know what he’s doing. He has a five-year contract and he knows even if he’s fired he will be fine. Every time I hear him talk, it seems like an FU to the fan base. I mean, how do you appoint a baby QB coach to groom a young talent like JT?
    You know who doesn’t know what he’s doing – Lynn Swann. Why give an Helton a 5-YEAR EXTENSION! Does Nick Saban have a five year extension? Does Shaw up in the farm!
    We need to get a new president who should fire both Swann and Helton – and go get a top-notch coach. USC is not a place to learn on the job!

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    1. Helton got a 5 year extension because someone higher up than Lynn Swann told Lynn Swann to give Helton the extension.

      The powers that be gave it to Helton because they like that he is not controversial like the last two clowns they hired for HC. Not likely you will see embarrassing stories from Helton (Sark’s drunkeness and almost everything about Kiffin).

      The only problem is that they thought Helton would win enough to keep the fanbase happy. They didn’t expect Helton to start piling up losses and angering Trojans everywhere.


  7. papadakis ripped him ansd the school a new one this afternoon around 3″40 pm =for 12 minutes after he blubntly noted what a disaster is omgoping at bel-air tech. Petros stated Helton has no business beign the nead coach except in the Conference USA. That the ‘camp’ the players attended this past Summer wasn’t even putting them into a hotel – instead they were allowed to stay at their own apartments with their girl friends etc.. The reason the rest of college football has contempt for USC is that they (USC) get a top tier recruiting class year after year but, unlike OK, OH St., GA and AL, USC has yet to even be in post-playoff since PC left. That Stanford, GA, AL and Notre Dame go out and recruit big linemen and then coach them up instead of flashy receivers. The assistants are a direct reflection of the head coach – save for defense, a collective joke. Worse is all the ‘connected country club’ (ie West 28th types) that are USC’s equivalent of the ‘deep state’ very happy these past 6 years as the program has cratered beyond recognition.

    He then opened up on the real culprit for this entire mess – Patrick ‘Capper’ Haden (who the hell has a middle name like that anyway?). Was totally full of himself sacking Kiffin…allowed Orgeron to take the helm… had zero interest in ‘Ed’; because Orgeron wasn’t from that elite caste level of ‘linen table cloths and cutlery’. Blew off Petersen and instead had a ‘hunch’ (I do remember Haden using that term) in choosing Sarkisian. Then after that imploded gives the job – a 3 year deal – to an unknown assistant who never was a head coach anywhere. Haden wanted Helton because he could 100% control him. When Haden suddenly quit it was more due to his knowing that damning article on his plundering the Mayr Foundation was incoming per the Times asking him about the ‘facts’.

    For me and for amny of you we know that absolutely nothing will change until Helton is sacked – nothing


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