USC Morning Buzz: Why Does JT Daniels Throw Off Back Foot?

I was curious why JT Daniels, who had more hype than any prep quarterback to come to USC, throws so much off his back foot?

Was this missed in high school? Or is this a recent development?

So I asked a former USC offensive coach about it:

“He is throwing off his back foot because he is looking at the pass rush. He is not the same since getting hit at Stanford. He didn’t understand he was going to get hit. He does not look comfortable under pressure. It all stems from that one hit.”


15 thoughts on “USC Morning Buzz: Why Does JT Daniels Throw Off Back Foot?

  1. Many quarterbacks throw off their back foot! Watch Aaron Rodgers. It’s not all from watching the pass rush, sometimes u don’t have time to step up and thru when you release!


    1. You’re comparing a future HOF QB to a kid who should still be in high school. Throwing off your back foot is not how you should throw a football.


  2. The mystery coach is right. If we don’t get the O-line in order, JT is going to degrade in other ways too. It’s a shame because he steps up into the pocket like a pro already. That’s just one good habit that I’ve watched deteriorate from one game to the next. There’s nothing the team can do for JT and itself that is more important than fixing this O-line.


    1. But the O line doesn’t need fixing according to Helton. Last night after practice he said the O-line has a great coach in Neil Callaway! Yup, he said that.


      1. If he wants to tie his future to Neil Calloway it’s his choice and his mistake IMO. He needs to let go of the safety blanket.


  3. WTF indeed. There’s a whole Pyle of Gomer in that statement, which really describes the whole philosophy of this non-coaching staff.


  4. I think Clay is an upstanding guy. Hopefully Swann will do his job and force him to fire some assistants. Clay won’t do it cause he’s loyal to a fault and will resign instead. Bob Stoops would be on list, Kyle Wittingham gets 3 stars to play like 4&5 stars but I would make David Shaw the king of LA. Buy his contract out at Stanford and buy out Helton. We would have the exact type of program we have been dying to have. No more soft as wet toilet paper Trojans. 🤞🏾


    1. I’m responding to your earlier comment about Swann forcing a firing: You gotta figure it’s Calloway’s last year however it ends. I think if he stays until the end of the year, he’ll retire and won’t have to be fired. Helton has yet another comfortable hire available with Drevno and I’m sure it’s TD’s job next year however it ends for Calloway.


  5. Demote T Martin to wide receiver coach only. Move Drevino to oline coach. Bring in the Stanford offensive coordinator. Get rid of the db coach. Swann needs to tell Helton to get angry at the team.


  6. The guy is getting killed or worse yet know he is going to get killed … due to predictable O scheme that features a back peddling oline, slow developing run plays, and simpleton pass routes.
    Same crap under Kiffin and Snark.
    Under Chow the qbs were rarely touched and he invited teams to blitz. Amateur hour past decade.


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