Let’s Poke Some Holes In Bye Week Propaganda

Some people are actually defending USC practicing twice this week.

  • Do they think USC does not have things to work on? 18 penalties should answer that.
  • Do they think USC needs rest? If they practiced Tuesday-Thursday, they would still get a three-day weekend and maybe four if they took Monday off. Let’s be clear: Bye week practices are easier and often geared toward younger players. So anyone tired or injured is not getting overworked. But they can work on things like the constant mistakes. For instance, snapping the ball!
  • Do they think USC needs to recruit Thursday? Can someone tell me a recruit that will not come to USC if an assistant coach does not visit this week? They will still get wide receiver Bru McCoy of Mater Dei.  And what difference does it make if players do not improve once they come to USC?
  • Don’t compare USC to Alabama. If Nick Saban practiced two days, it’s because his practices are a lot harder than Clay Helton. If Stanford, Michigan State or whoever else also went two days, ask yourself this: Would those schools hire Helton if they had a head-coaching position open?
  • USC practicing Monday does not count. USC did practice yesterday but it does a light practice every Monday during the season. These practices are not even included in the official practice schedule. So it’s never counted among the practices. But spin doctors can use it if they want.
  • Does anyone advocating less practices mean they are happy with how the season is going?

17 thoughts on “Let’s Poke Some Holes In Bye Week Propaganda

  1. Your best statement is “Don’t compare USC to Alabama. If Nick Saban practiced two days, it’s because his practices are a lot harder than Clay Helton. If Stanford, Michigan State or whoever else also went two days, ask yourself this: Would those schools hire Helton if they had a head-coaching position open?”

    No they would not – I doubt ANY Top 5 conference members (ACC, Big 10, Big 12, Pac-12 or SEC ) would offer Helton anything save an assistant job

    Helton hasn’t any idea what to do with a standard week….a bye week …. and a week approaching a quality opponent…. absolutely no idea.

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  2. Gomer is a nice man. I’m sure the kids love him. But he’s in over his head. Let him flail away until he gets punched in the mouth again by ND and then move on to a proven coach and staff

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  3. Hey, Flow, I’m all for getting after it in practice, especially following last weekend’s performance. But Helton did say on Trojans Live that they were practicing Monday through Thursday and taking off Friday/Saturday and back as a staff on Sunday. They’ll get some, probably minimal, work in, try and fix the shitbag of mistakes, recruit, and rest. Will there be soft practices? Most likely. Here’s to hoping Helton’s formula works, although the way his tenure has gone, I’m not so sure. Hope, Flow, hope…


  4. I actually think Helton is stuck in sanction mode. I don’t think he realizes he has a full compliment of players. The fact that he stubbornly defends ineffective upperclassmen means he doesn’t think he has replacements. If he would sit some the bonehead players he’d show he has no tolerance for stupid mistakes. Whether incidental or negligence penalties cost USC a lot of opportunity. Tired players make mistakes, rotated players get better and give tired players a break. It just seems like common sense the USC return to pre sanctions mode and rotate freely.

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  5. You know what you could look into, blogger? Helton’s dad and his time at the University of Houston. Kim Helton’s record was not successful there at all. Word is Clay and Ty worship their father and what he did as a coach there. Might want to start looking into the UH program from the 1990’s and see what the players thought about Kim Helton’s time and the legacy he left there. Bet you there was similarity there and what Clay is trying to do now.

    I’m pretty sure Clay took alot of his coaching philosophy from his dad when he was at Houston.


  6. Sweet! Bringing in the circular arguments! Love it, Scottie – and congrats on answering my question directly. Could be the first time in our 15 some odd years together.


  7. Just finished watching the end of the replay version of last weekend’s debacle. I thought I saw it watching live Saturday, and I think I just confirmed it watching the replay now…Did Khalil Tate trot off the field immediately after the clock ran out without shaking any hands? Sure looked like it to me. Another pout session after losing to SC again?

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      1. We knew it was coming….

        Christian Dawkins had a list of college players he was “actively involved with,” including:
        – Robert Williams
        – Mitchell Robinson
        – Collin Sexton
        – Brian Bowen
        – Troy Brown
        – Landry Shamet
        – Rawle Alkins
        – DeAnthony Melton
        – Chimezie Metu

        Hooray for SUCC!!! – busted for cheating again. And the man responsible for the cheesy, pathetic bozo BB program Andyain’twinning, claims he didn’t know Squat!!!


  8. Just finished watching USC’s version of Helton’s post practice presser. USC elected to end it about a minute early, so pull up Schrader’s version. If you can’t tell that Helton’s feeling the heat on the last (and solid) question and his response, then you’re blind. Still, with this hole that Helton’s dug, I actually like the little fire he showed.


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