USC Afternoon Notes

Another safety prospect for USC is Sione Vaki, a three-star prospect from Liberty High School in Brentwood, Calif. That’s the Brentwood in Northern California, by the way.

Vaki is actually listed as a wide receiver by recruiting services, but like I said this morning, USC is desperate for safeties.

Meanwhile, USC’s basketball team will scrimmage San Jose State on Oct. 20 and San Diego State on Oct. 27. Both scrimmages are at the Galen Center and closed to the public.

5 thoughts on “USC Afternoon Notes

  1. No mention of the silver lining? That we’re getting early playing time for Hufanga? Nah… not your department, I suppose.


  2. Joel Klatt on with PMS 2:45 pm today – after hyping the CO vs USC game this Saturday Klatt was asked about Chip Kelly’s 0 – 5 start at bel-air tech. He replied “Well one thing is ucla is headed in the right direction and I see them passing USC quickly as long as that coaching staff is still coaching the Trojans. USC is in trouble…”

    Aside from Lynn Swann who else bothers to listen to what explanation Clay Helton has for any new foul up?


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