The Fashionable USC-Colorado Pick

When Rick Neuheisel and Aaron Taylor of CBS Sports are picking Colorado to beat USC, it’s becoming a little too trendy. Now you can say Neuheisel went to UCLA and coached at Colorado or Taylor went to Notre Dame, but it’s still becoming a little too fashionable when USC is a 7-point favorite.

Who will win? Who knows? But either Neuheisel and Taylor really hate USC (I have pointed out Taylor’s ignorance before) or they think USC has slipped? Maybe both.


10 thoughts on “The Fashionable USC-Colorado Pick

  1. Oh snap! Look who’s at the top of that comment section! Oh man, the good ol’ days…

    BTW, Flow, would you say that kinda stuff to Taylor face to face? That’s a large dude.

    For old times…



  2. What ignorenceof Taylor’s did you point out?

    As far as Neuisal is concerned, he went to USC Law School. Yes, he coached against them, but with his dad going and he going to USC, I don’t think Neuisal hates SC

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  3. As far as their picks, they have a 50-50 chance of being right. With SC’s anemic offense, don’t be surprised if SC loses


  4. The Trojans should win on sheer talent alone. The only way Colorado stays close is if the Trojans execute Helton and Martin’s so called game plan and don’t improvise much at all.

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  5. Regarding the game picks, USC is 1-4 against the spread this season (and the one was because of a missed extra point) while Colorado is 4-1. So picking CO isn’t that big a surprise. I think that USC will win, Helton is still undefeated in the Coliseum. However, USC’s offense is so unreliable and they always seem to let up and let the games get/stay close that the 7 point spread seems generous.


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