Pick The USC-Colorado Score

Another tough week to pick a USC game. Do you think USC can finally play a clean game? Or Colorado can actually prove it is for real?

I will make my pick later today.

19 thoughts on “Pick The USC-Colorado Score

  1. Sc will not play a clean game, nor will they playa good game. The offense will be inept, the o line will not produce, and the Cline will not get any sacks. But Sc’s talent is better than Colorado’s, therefore SC wins by the score of 28-24


  2. The Trojans would be better off if J.T. Daniels scrapped Helton & Martin’s offensive game plan and instead had his teammates learn the offense Mater Dei runs. Only thing is, the Trojans offensive line would have to forget everything that Neil Callaway has taught them about blocking schemes and completely start over.

    Or USC could just bring in a TE and FB, go back to the I Formation and tell the offensive linemen, “Just block the guy in front of you, don’t worry about any blitz, that’s what the TE & FB are here for…to help you out with the blocking in case they do blitz”.

    Give all these 4 & 5 star Trojan WR’s a chance to show what they can do, see who can get separation to make plays consistently, but give them all a fair shot.

    It’s not rocket science.



  3. The less time the Trojans have to spend practicing under the tutelage of Helton & Co. the better off they should be.

    Trojan talent alone pulls out a win…34-28


  4. Off topic: If you’ve ever talked to or read about people who lived through The Great Depression, they talk about a post-depression mindset. Meaning that the experience was so severe that it caused insecurities, and habits born of those insecurities, that lasted a lifetime. If you consider USC’s sanctions period in terms of being analogous to The Great Depression, you can understand how USC might have a post-sanctions mindset. I think it goes a long way to explaining why we practice/play the way we do. We’re not practicing/playing commensurate to our depth and talent because we have the mindset of the stricken. You can include the program, athletic administration and the school itself in that. USC rightfully sought stability and achieved it, but what now? When does the need for stability give way to the desire for something more? There are so many questions that so many people at USC should be asking themselves.

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    1. Hence the reason USC needs to clean house, should have done so long ago. And find an A.D. who actually wants the Trojans football program brought back to prominence where it belongs. Lynn Swann has done nothing to rid himself of being a persona non grata figurehead…so he’s pretty much a worthless embarrassment to himself and the university.


      1. I think a bunker mentality pervades the entire school. Still, it’s somewhat understandable and it’s not like you can really afford to have anymore Compliance issues at USC. It should be clear to everyone that USC is a marked program and could potentially be marked for death. Don’t think it can’t happen and don’t think there aren’t people who would like to see it happen. I’m still all for stability, but I want to put some layers and icing on the cake. I’ll take Helton’s stability, but I can’t take his staff’s methods and operations. I don’t expect the head coach to be coaching the living hell out of 100 guys as his assistants are supposed do that. You mentioned Mater Dei in a previous post and I have mentioned them too. Why not just look at bringing someone from Mater Dei in as an assistant/consultant? I don’t want to play “Who’s Our Next Coach” again so soon. I also don’t want to bring in some slick guy who’s going to cut corners and screw up. I understand fully if the school doesn’t want to play either. Just remodel the house, don’t buy a new one.


      2. A thread of post-sanctions sensibility and perhaps austerity woven into the program’s dna is not necessarily a bad thing.


      3. USC can’t play or run it’s football program…scared. Self reporting violations by programs throughout the country seemingly has staved off harsh punishment by the NCAA. USC just needs to hire the right administrators who will stand up to the NCAA and hold them accountable when there is blatant bias towards accountability or lack thereof.


    2. For most of us the football program was our solace as we all anticipated the lessening impact of the sanctions. Haden imploded any confidence in alumni and fans. As to 13th October 2018 that’s 100% on Helton and the staff he picked – you think he (Helton) wants to look the fool week after week… he wants to win but he hasn’t any idea how to esp. the staff he chose and the drills they installed. If USC wins it takes pressure off elsewhere – alums are far more motivated to give to the football program. With this ‘captain’ and his Ship Of Fools crew – no one is giving anything to the program.

      4 weeks from now is homecoming and that’s when the swells show up with their spouse or another –

      He’s worse than any post-depression – he’s 100% responsible for this continuing mess, the cause of blunting any resurgence and we can all see the shift to the north. Kelly will have bel-air tech running smoothly sooner than Helton can defeat any top tier team.

      Absolutely nothing changes as long as Helton is ‘in situ’.


    3. I have been saying that for a while. The coaches act as if he jave a limited number of players available we need to move on.
      My dad was a depression era kid. If he saw hardware in the street, screws, nuts and bolts he’d pick them up. When I asked him why he said if you have the money to buy them when I need them I’ll stop. He hoarded stuff forever.
      The way we hoard players looks about the same.


      1. That’s the kind of thing I’m talking about. I think Helton needs one more great recruiting class to feel like the team is able to buy his hardware for him.


  5. It will be another hideous clay helton coached game! I dont see us winning this one. But i have to quote Gomer. we play exceptionally well at the coliseum. Really, last years stanford game. And no Sam Darnold to bail him out.


  6. Wouldn’t mind a CO victory – another nail in that clown Helton’s back-end and more pressure on cowardly Swann to hire someone to find a decent replacement instead of ‘…playing a hunch…’ a la Haden and his brilliant Sark pick


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