USC-Colorado Report Card

I did my report card on the USC-Colorado game. Click on this link to see it.


10 thoughts on “USC-Colorado Report Card

  1. coaching = F—–. How can two receiver’s run into each other twice? I have never seen that. SC did have rushing yardage in the first half, but the reports forgot to mention that if the qb is sacked or a rb is tackled for loss of yardage, that goes against the rushing yardage. SC had net zero rushing yardage in the first half. That is on the oline. No blocking and no surge. The three stooges look like rocket scientist compared to Helton, Martin, Calloway, and the db coach.


    1. Wolf refuses to admit that Clancy coached an excellent defensive game last Saturday. I give the defense a solid B+ for the game. This defense has improved since the start of the season. My one complaint about the USC defense is that they lose their aggressiveness when they have a double digit lead. And this leads to giving up points.
      Wolf criticized Ajene Harris for his play. I am not a fan of Harris, but he played one of his best games as a Trojan. He was all over the field making tackles, blanketing receivers, and having a pick six picnic. The USC defense dominated Colorado until garbage time, when the game was decided. And I have a problem with that. Bottom line, I give kudos to Clancy for a job well done! Fight On!


      1. Scott rarely gives praise i.e. that is his ‘moniker’ of respect – nothing said means well done. Not saying it is the right way but it sure beats some sunshine dumpster like the clowns that go on and on about the dodgers this year and the last 5 years.

        The defense is really good and is the sole light of hope…oddsmakers have UT a full 6.5 favorite over USC this Saturday and with Gustin gone that seems 100% justified. The O line can’t open holes and/or Carr can’t find them thus the air attack. But yeah nothing excuses the mishaps on both sides of the ball and as another stated (tebowobama I think or another) the collision of offensive receivers, wrong # of players on the field, illegal procedures – that is still the bane of this team and that flows right out of that porcine fat aXX Tee martin – someone, not Martin, noted it seemed Helton was calling offensive plays at one point.


  2. The D backs are not in the same league as past players of less than 10 years ago. They are too busy celebrating to do their job. This includes having a chance to return a two point try after it was intercepted, but was danced off the field for a celebration! Watching games live or on TV I find myself yelling how could you not know….more than ever.


  3. Iggie Marshall is too slow to play corner. Let him move to safety. The freshman #9 is better at corner.

    Defense played very well except for the big run. Clancy is going to have to find a pass rush since Gustin is not available.


  4. CU coaches did suck .. that offense was as bad as Gomers only CU didn’t figure out just heave it up you will get a PI call until it was too late


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