Dismay Over Recent Personnel Decisions

There is a segment of the team questioning some recent decisions by Clay Helton. I examine them in this USC247.com story.

“A group of players is heading into the Oregon State game reluctantly, feeling the program is being hamstrung by personnel decisions.

They don’t understand why certain players are on the field . . . or off it.”

4 thoughts on “Dismay Over Recent Personnel Decisions

  1. JT Daniels has 4 victories under his belt. Jack Sears has none. He lost against a 3-4 team with a simple gameplan he could execute. He is no prodigy as he has been in USC system a year and a half. Opponents will gameplan for him and then what. JT has the bigger upside.


    1. Has JT had a perfect touchdown pass dropped on him? That alone could have meant victory, not to mention the punt team or a depleted defense. I would think it’s much more difficult to gameplan for a mobile qb who can throw than a relatively stationary qb with little speed. It’s too close not to investigate further in any case for the good of the team.


    2. I like Jack’s mobility over JT. Daniels will get better, but he is no Freshman phenom and has played like a true frosh during a good part of every game.


  2. Where’s the harm in giving JT another week to recover from concussion protocol? Jack Sears got better as the game went on: that is upside. Not only that, but if good play is rewarded with more playing time, do you think JT will be motivated and sharp when he does come back in? I see no downside in keeping Jack in as starter this week.


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