The Dreaded Night Homecoming

Is anything worse than a night homecoming game?

USC’s homecoming game against Cal on Nov. 10 will kick off at 7:30 p.m. on ESPN.

Blame the Pac-12 . . . again.


8 thoughts on “The Dreaded Night Homecoming

  1. This is a weak FB conference, and is getting weaker every year. Larry Scott will do whatever he can to extract any loose change there is to be had. It seems that he doesn’t understand that decisions like these reduce the long-run value of the conference. Homecoming is one of the great traditions, and it should not be devalued this way.


    1. The Pac-12 is weak and getting weaker? Tell that to Helton, and he’ll surely lather around his lips and spit all over your face saying how tough it is to beat the teams in the conference because they’re all great teams that are well- coached by great coaches like himself. lol.


  2. I’d much rather have homecoming at 730 than, say, 1230. Such an early game really detracts from tailgating with friends, and for all the events on campus. So 5 PM would be better but I was happy to hear this.

    Either way it is absurd that USC is not able to announce its homecoming game kickoff until 6 days before.


  3. Homecoming at 7:30? What is USC doing? Oh the obvious… ruining homecoming for every alumnus who wants to see the campus and tailgate in the daylight the way college football should be experienced. I encourage everyone to write to USC… they literally dropped the ball on this one!


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