Sunday Night With Clay Helton

Clay Helton confirmed my report earlier today about Stephen Carr by saying he has a “significant” ankle sprain.

Other injuries: Michael Pittman needs an MRI on his shoulder.  Iman Marshall sprained his ankle. Greg Johnson injured his shoulder.

And now for some quotes that may or may infuriate you.

“Tee Martin is the best developer of wide-outs there is in the country,” Helton said.

On the offensive tempo: “Went into the game at the beginning of the week that we’d use tempo, stay in personnel group. That’s just my style.. I wanted to be able to play fast this week.”

Who was stopping Helton the first 8 weeks? He is the head coach. He acts like Tee Martin was in charge.


23 thoughts on “Sunday Night With Clay Helton

  1. Guys are falling like flies, and this is definitely rooted in the poor offseason strength training in the team. And it’s another indicator that a significant change of culture is needed for the team to compete with the best in the country. There are so many areas lacking in the team under the Helton’s regime that just a few changes here and there won’t be enough to improve the team dramatically. Only a complete changeover will do.

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  2. The NY Jets lose their third straight game to Miami 13 – 6.

    Darnold was huge: 21 -39, zero TD’s, 4 ints and 4 sacks. Miami returned one of Darnold’s pics for the games only TD.

    Darnold, the $30 million Jet bust, leads the NFL in INT’s with 14.


    1. Owns, is Hundly still carrying Rogers jock to and from the airport?

      And what do u think about the Dodgers giving Kershaw $31M a year?


      1. Sammy, Hundley in carrying R. Wilson jock at Seattle.

        On the basis of Kershaw’s past W/L’s for the Dodgers: Maybe

        On the basis of what Kershaw is liable to do for the Dodgers in the future: No.

        Sammy, much worse, in my opinion, is the ugly report the Dodgers intend to extend the Biffster’s contract. Even though Roberts went to UCLA, his managerial skills, i.e. making the right game decisions – SUCK.


      1. But hackneyed toejam did you notice UCLA scored a TD. In every win or loss this year, UCLA scored a TD. Moreover toejam, this year, the porous Bruin Defense hasn’t allowed 34 unanswered points or 500 + rushing yards.

        Remind me toejam, can the bozo 2018 FB team match the Bruin stats.

        Lastly toejam, everybody in LA is ecstatic over the bozos run to the CFB playoffs.

        As I understand it, Connie Potato has bozo u penciled in the 2018 CFB playoff because no Div 1 team has a bigger Clown reputation. According to Connie, “everybody loves a foolish, stupid clown.”


    2. Jackov,

      You never cease to amaze us! You must be the only loser in football history that’s proud of a miserable team that miraculously put up a 2-7 record in the first 9 games in the season!

      My hearty congrats to you on not being 0-9 so far this year. I think you should be going crazy all over the town screaming about it. LOL!!!


      1. LOL. Actually, you’re the one that gets hysterical about UCLA’s FB record.

        Whenever I report on the Piglet’s lack of Proficiency, you whine about UCLA; that whine, I might add, has zero to do with Piglet’s leading the NFL in total INT’s.

        I reiterate Hackneyed, UCLA has yet to yield 34 unanswered points or allow their opponent 500 + yards rushing. Last, Hack, UCLA has scored a TD in every win or loss.

        Can the bozos claim as much while the bozos Rah-Rah their way to the 2018 CFB playoffs?


    3. Hey, you know what? You have a way of hallucinating just like some weirdo in here that supposedly collects hats. I’m hysterical about SUCLA’s record? Aren’t you the one that sees Darnold still in SC uniform? In fact, that doesn’t really shock me because your pathetic team never beat us while he was with us.

      What? SUCLA scored a TD in every game? What the heck is the importance of that when you got smothered 7 out of 9 times so far in the season? You think it’ll be recorded in the Guinness Book Of Records? Will it even help Chipmunk transform into a beaver with a hat?


      1. I guess what I’m saying is UCLA has yet to set up for a 49 yd. FG, 30 seconds prior to halftime, have it blocked and returned it for an opponents TD

        Darnold was drafted by the NY Jets. He won the starting QB job and as of 10/04/2018, the Jets are 3 – 6.

        But, If I polled the bozo Rah-Rahs, 99% would vote for the Piglet’s return for the 2018 season. But the Piglet chose to enter the draft because bozo u FB SUCC’s.

        Hey Hack, good luck in the 2018 CFB playoffs.

        SUCC FB, the elite mediocrities fight on.


    4. Once again. Win something, anything, be relevant as a program and it’s OK to trash talk. UCLA football is Kansas Football or Idaho or Rutgers. Nobody cares, ever!


      1. UCLA FB is more relevant than bozo u Basketball.

        Now Andyain’twinning is hiring the fathers of coveted BB recruits as Asst. BB coaches instead of the tried and true bozo method of buying 3rd and 4th tier recruits.

        Have to wonder what sanctions the NCAA might impose on bozo u after the “pay for play” FBI investigation and trials are completed. Of course, Andyain’twinning didn’ know squat.


    5. Hey Jackov,

      I’m afraid the biggest tragedy in your life is that you have chosen a truly miserable team to defend and root for, which also makes you a perennial loser! LOL! Think about it, man. Just how many times in your life would you have chances to be euphoric when you expect eternal alsorans like SUCLA?

      And as for Darnold, I think he’s doing just fine as a rookie in an NFL team with all the first string receivers out and a lousy system. Even Jared Goff lost all the games he started as a rookie, and of course, you don’t know what he’s up to now, right?

      It’s time for some meds now, Jackov. LMAO!


  3. Hope for four straight victories prior to 25th November. This is the sole legacy program of the entire conference and it is in horrible shape.

    The recent uptick of the team is due to Helton as is the team’s inability prior to his demoting Martin and sacking his father’s buddy O Line Coach Neil Callaway. People don’t change too much. I doubt he’ll ever go out and hire a strong OC or ‘presence’ coach to arrest the: penalities, side line behavior, post-game indifference – it’s not in Helton’s DNA.


  4. Most people could see the difference between LSU and Alabama yesterday. The gap was significant. Our difference is a gulf not a gap. We are not in the same universe as teams like Alabama. Our talent is raw and underdeveloped. Until our coaches get that through their pea brains we ste going to be the best high school all star team in the PAC 12. The killer instinct is nonexistent. It doesn’t have to be ruthless or dirty, but we need to move player development up on the priority list. These coaches are college professors it’s time they taught something

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    1. Agree completely – I would hate to see what would have happened if it was ND last night instead of a really, really bad Oregon State team.


  5. May or May? Oh boy, Scottie – writing is your career baby. Gotta re-read your work at least once. I know it ‘s boring and tedious, but you’re the verbal magician. We take our cues from you!


  6. I’m not sure who the buffoon is, Clay Helton, or Lynn Swann for signing him to an extension before he could prove himself without Sam Darnold?


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