USC Morning Buzz: Clay Helton’s Blind Spot

Now that Clay Helton “fixed” the USC offense last weekend, I’m wondering why the defense gets a free pass?

The apologists will immediately claim injuries are the issue. But do they ever watch the schemes? Oregon State exposed the pass defense, which has never covered the middle of the field this season.

USC led 21-0 and defensive coordinator Clancy Pendergast let Oregon State get back into the game. And this was with the return of Cameron Smith, who was injured for two games.

Have any defensive coaches been fired like Neil Callaway? Nope. Have any been demoted like Tee Martin? Nope.

The defense is apparently bullet proof. Just like special teams.


18 thoughts on “USC Morning Buzz: Clay Helton’s Blind Spot

  1. USC defensive stats Through 9 games: points allowed per game, 27,9……….PASSING DEFENSE…..teams are averaging right at 21-35 pass completions/attempts for a 59.4 % completion rate… up 229.8 yards through the air per game……RUSHING DEFENSE teams are running it against right at 38 attempts/game for 158.3 yards/game, 4.1 yards/rush…….TOTAL ALLOWED….. right at 74 plays/game for a total average of 388.1 yards/game for an average 5.3 yards/play………TURNOVERS FORCED 0.8/game(.06/game fumble recovery, .02 pass interception/game)…….NCAA RANKING TEAM DEFENSE…. 75th

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      1. Correction: USC 9TH rated defense in the PAC 12…….just slightly ahead of Arizona who is 76th NATIONALLY—-1 skit behind USC…


  2. In order to have a defense you need people who will take direction. I can’t count how many times I’ve seen our d-backs out of position. I can’t count the number of times when the d-backs went for the glory of a pick without regard to the fact that when they miss the receiver has no one between him and the goal line. You might blame the coaches, but I highly doubt they teach this kind of glory hogging.
    The problem is our whole team thinks like a high school club. They were individually good in high school so they think they are still the best. Fire the coach that allows the hot dogging and the problem will go away.

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    1. Old Trojan,

      How many times have you seen soft coverage? We both have seen the first downs, see td’s., pass interferences, and catches that are made because of soft coverage. I don’t know if that is scheme or coaching, but get rid of the db coach and get someone in here that can coach db’s.


  3. Offensive line coaches usually don’t fire anyone, especially defensive coaches. Fired coaches especially don’t fire other coaches off of their old staff. That would be strange.

    Nice reporting. Once again, Pulitzer Prize stuff here.


  4. First off, Clay Helton didn’t fix the offense, they were playing Oregon State, which happens to be the lowest team in the worst conference of the power five … lol

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  5. Although entirely relieved of his coaching duties, Neil Callaway still has the authority to fire not offense coaches, but defensive coaches? C’mon, Flow. Clean it up.


  6. Dang, Scottie – how does a fired O-Line coach have any say whatsoever over USC’s defensive personnel? that’s just flat bizarre……


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