Former USC Golfer Draws Plenty Of Attention

Doris Chen, who won an NCAA golf title at USC while she was at USC, was disqualified from the LPGA’s qualifying tournament last weekend when she played a ball her mother moved back into play after her tee shot went out of bounds.

Alex Valer, Chen’s caddie, told Golf Channel: “Doris did the wrong thing.”

Chen did an interview with Golf Channel on Monday: “I feel hurt. People are calling me a cheater, with inflammatory words. I’m not a cheater. I never intend to cheat, and I’ve never told my family or friends to move my ball if I push my shot in the woods.”

Chen failed to qualify for the LPGA Tour.


16 thoughts on “Former USC Golfer Draws Plenty Of Attention

  1. Chen is living up to the southern cal education she received! Bad enough she cheated but her statement regarding it is pure southern cal!

    “I feel hurt. People are calling me a cheater, with inflammatory words. I’m not a cheater. I never intend to cheat, and I’ve never told my family or friends to move my ball if I push my shot in the woods.”

    It would have been perfect if she blamed her cheating on the SANCTIONS!



    1. Her mom went to ugly. She learned from the best and that is, “Johnny Cheetin’ Wooden”. His most infamous motto is, “If you ain’t cheetin’ u ain’t tryin’.” Daughter did not know because she is 250 yards away from her mom, peckerhead teddy.


      1. Johnny “Cheetin'” wooden taught class at ugly. The class was called, Cheating and how to get away with it. Her mom was enrolled in the class.


  2. I have a daughter and understand the crush of things….hang in there, Doris. You Trojan fans out there can help her overcome by including the Chen’s in your prayers. I enjoy watching men’s and women’s Trojan Golf because they’re regularly in the hunt and have been representing well.


    1. Teddy,

      The only thing that needs to be read is how Johnny Cheetin Wooden’s boss, the mafia king pin Morgan pleaded with the NCAA to not shut down the ugly program. He was friends with the dude that was to hang the Cheeter, Morgan, and ugly.


  3. What a lousy hit piece Wolf – thanks for being living proof none of us have ever done anything bad in our life. Oh that’s right the ‘pekerwood’ got a pass right to the grave didn’t he?


  4. She is a TROJAN CHEATER!!

    “My caddie and I didn’t see anything happen. We were looking for the ball. I didn’t see the ball move,” Chen said. “It was just what the homeowner said. … In my mind, I thought I was just supposed to play the ball as it lied. … I realize now I should have called for a rules official to investigate.”

    When asked if she spoke with her mother about whether she had moved the ball, Chen said: “She told me that she didn’t and she doesn’t know. And if she did, it may be by accident and she wasn’t aware.”

    Chen added: “What I would like to say is that it was a misunderstanding. It was a stressful week and not my intention for any of it to happen. I was not directly involved in any way, but I take the responsibility and accept the ruling.

    “I was not trying to cheat and I am not a cheater.”

    UPDATE: Chen’s caddie for the event, Alex Valer, has disputed his player’s story. Valer told that is was Chen’s mom who found the ball, not a spectator. He also said the homeowner immediately identified Chen’s mom as the person who had moved the ball.

    Valer, a caddie on the LPGA and Symetra Tours, added that he told Chen to consult with a rules official and warned her that if she didn’t, she might be disqualified. Instead, he says Chen didn’t listen and even told him to “keep quiet about the details of what happened,” but he didn’t when questioned by LPGA officials.



    1. Do you play golf Bucket? I am sure you don’t because that would require athletic ability, intelligence, and money. If you hit a ball into bushes, trees, or a forested area and can’t find the ball you have 5 minutes to look. If you don’t find it you have to back and hit another or drop with penalty stroke. That five minutes can be very nerve wracking trying to find the ball. 99.9% of all golfers play by the rules. It is an unwritten code. Rules violations happen on all golf tours every day. She should have called a rules official. The only reason you are on this is because USC is involved. You continue to be one sick puppy.


  5. She is s Trojan. Whatever happened was reported. There will be many more events she can compete in.
    I feel confident she has learned by this insodent.


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