USC Needs Defensive Backs

How desperate is USC for defensive backs following the decommitment of five-star prospect Chris Steele?

USC offered defensive back Chris Roland-Wallace of Knight High School in Palmdale on Sunday. Roland-Wallace has no offers and no ranking according to

Prior to that, USC offered Marist Liufau of Honolulu. He has 10 offers. The best one is Oregon. The others are Arizona, Boise State, Hawaii, Utah, Utah State, UNLV, Washington State and San Diego State.

Maybe it’s not getting enough attention how average the current recruiting class is shaping up. The Trojans have 15 commitments and are only ranked No. 30 nationally by


18 thoughts on “USC Needs Defensive Backs

  1. Get rid of the db back at the end of the season and get someone that can coach. The Oregon st. db coach had coached at sc, the db coach who was fired by ugly was a former db coach at sc. They are both good.


    1. Weren’t they run out of town too. Along with the dc, lb, dl coaches? Didn’t all the smart posters on all the message boards say that Wilcox couldn’t coach (I think he ranks #1 in the Pac12) and Connelly couldn’t coach defensive linemen, he’s currently the defending Super Bowl championship Cline coach, no? Hmm. But they were run out of town on a rail if I remember right.
      Yeah, they’re all probably ready to jump on board right away!! Good stuff, couldn’t make it up if you tried.


      1. Hey idiot, it was your hero the other idiot Clay Helton who fired them

        Clay Helton fires Justin Wilcox.

        Helton also fired defensive backs coach Keith Heyward, defensive line coach Chris Wilson and offensive line coach Bob Connelly. Wilcox and Heyward were among several assistants who left Washington for USC along with Steve Sarkisian after the 2013 season, while Helton had been an assistant at USC since 2010.


      1. Garbers didn’t play and the backup threw 2 interceptions and CAL fumbled 4 times and lost 3 of them. However, UCLA ran for 207 yards against CAL.


  2. Roland Wallace hasn’t received a lot of exposure and probably isn’t a blue chip prospect because he isn’t a burner. Doesn’t mean the dude can’t play.

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    1. He has a lot of offers, verbally committed to Arizona. The kid added the Williams to his name. He is a 3 star prospect. Scott is lazy and looking for fodder to trash the program. I found this out in about 5 seconds of looking.

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  3. Will Scottie never learn? Clay Helton closes…. he doesn’t do it 80 days before a signing day. He does it on signing day. But remember, he always gets players – according to you, he doesn’t develop them. Stick to your narratives.


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