USC-Oregon State Report Card


JT Daniels had two beautiful throws, including one where Michael Pittman dropped it after getting hit hard. But otherwise he had three passes tipped; was slow in the pocket and looked like usually does with long stretches of unmemorable play. But Clay Helton will play him over Jack Sears at all costs.

Grade: D+


If Aca’Cedric Ware could play like he did against Arizona and Oregon State every week, he would be a nationally known player. But USC does not play Arizona and Oregon State every week.

Grade: B+


Oregon State’s run defense is ranked No. 125 nationally and looked worse than that. So the USC offensive line batp on an easy target. Who has a longer leash on their starting spot? JT Daniels or Toa Lobendahn?

Grade: B+


Life is good when you play against a poor offensive line. Too bad USC doesn’t look like this against good teams.

Grade: B+


The return of Cameron Smith meant what exactly? I didn’t notice a difference.

Grade: C+


Iman Marshall had another pass intereference penalty and yet I see on twitter that people believe he is an All-American candidate. Clay Helton said Jonathan Lockett had his best game of the season. Why hasn’t he played all season?

Grade: D+


There was a long kick return for Oregon State but it’s a good thing when you can’t say special teams contributed to a loss.

Grade: C


USC made the wrong decision at QB and then let Oregon State back into the game after taking a 21-0 lead. What happens if the refs didn’t blow the fumble return for a TD by Oregon State with 13 minutes left? Sorry but USC looked sloppy as ever. But they play in the lousy division of a terrible conference. Go Rose Bowl!

Grade: D-


9 thoughts on “USC-Oregon State Report Card

  1. I can’t agree with you on Cam Smith or Biggie Marshall…they’re handling their business, for the most part….I hope they get good contracts….their attitudes, ever since they came to USC, 10s.


  2. Cam Smith ran down that receiver. That was impressive. The team gets a d———-. They played against an inferior team and they showed improvement. Is the improvement from playing an inferior team or did they improve? Daniels needs to shave that crap off his face and take a seat for the rest of the season. He is throwing off his back foot, missing receivers, and looks lost when there is a pass rush. The center should be seated or moved over. he sucks.


    1. Pasadena, I wonder if throwing off that back foot is a “business” decision. His dad kept him back a grade in eighth so that he could grow and deemed it a business decision.


      1. Meaning, if he keeps the weight on that back foot, there is less of a possibility that it will get injured ( Tom Brady, Carson Palmer).


      2. I think it is mechanics. I think he is afraid of getting hit and maybe that is the way he played at Mater Dei. I don’t know. usually a qb will throw off the front foot, like a baseball pitcher for more control and velocity. he needs to learn how to throw the correct way. He can’t scramble either. Like another Brad Otton.


  3. Wolfie you said the Oregon State game report card. I think Aca’Cedric Ware should get a A+ he gained over 200 yards! Now if were talking about the other games and tougher opponents thats a different game and grade. Coaches still get a F! I’ll have to admit i was shocked to see a quarterback sneak. Its about time.


  4. Good thing OregonSt coaches went stupid in the final quarter with that dumb fake FG and play calling … or it would had been a resounding F all around


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