USC Injury Report

Wide receiver Michael Pittman (shoulder) is expected to miss the Cal game. Cornerbacks Iman Marshall (ankle) and Greg Johnson (shoulder) did not pracice Tuesday. Marshall wants to play but must be cleared by doctors. Johnson is out.

Amon-Ra St. Brown and Devon Williams will replace Pittman. Freshman linebacker Raymond Scott practiced at safety Tuesday. He would be a real emergency option.


6 thoughts on “USC Injury Report

  1. Ankles are not from strength and conditioning workouts, but it is from how you plant your feet and the surface of the field. OSU has the artificial surface and if you ever have walked on it, it is uneven and has waves in it. I am suprised that that there aren’t more knee problems as well. Grass is the only true surface. I used to play on grass until it the was no more grass. Then we played on the dirt. It was better that way.


  2. The NY Jets have announced the Piglet, due to a sprained foot (LOL), will not play vs the Buffalo Bills 11/11/18. It seems to me SUCCster’s, if the Jets wanted the Piglet to regain his confidence, the Bills game, @ the Meadowlands, would be the perfect venue.

    After all, the Bills are ranked 31st in the ESPN 32 team NFL Pwr. Rankings.

    The Jets Press Release also stated it’s possible the Piglet may miss future games.

    SUCCster’s, after you paid the Piglet $30 million, how would you feel that he leads the NFL in INT’s and will an miss an easy game because of a cheap, sprained foot excuse. “Coach, coach, my foot hurts.” LOL!


  3. You are an incredibly vile human Owns. You KEEP coming to your rival’s board, talking crap and more crap. What kind of loser does that? My 17 year old daughter said she would kick your arse if she ever met you in person. And you know what? I know she could!


    1. Truth hurts doesn’t it Ray?

      I truly feel sorry for your daughter. When a father brags about his extremely aggressive daughter and encourages her thug behavior, he has, in my opinion, zero right to be a father.

      Whether or not I’m vile for what I write is subject to interpretation. However, your vile parental behavior will haunt your daughter psyche for the rest of her life. Fight on AH!


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