USC Morning Buzz: Faith, Family and Football Goes So Far

Did Jack Sears ever start a game for USC?

It seems a little odd that Clay Helton hasn’t even been pushed on the fact he discarded Sears so quickly after the Arizona State game.

Faith, Family and Football might be Helton’s motto but he didn’t show much faith in Sears or treat him like family after his debut.

That is because Helton has a slavish devotion to JT Daniels. He must start. He must play. It feels like their was some type of deal made last year with Daniels if he graduated from high school early.

Meanwhile, did you go to the USC-Robert Morris game last night? Not many did.

The announced crowd was 2,502 at the Galen Center, the smallest for a USC season opener since the arena opened in 2006.


17 thoughts on “USC Morning Buzz: Faith, Family and Football Goes So Far

  1. On campus area hmmm Scott you must have the same phone as I do. So an empty arena can only mean that there was a hockey game just down the street or maybe MST3k was live also just down the street.


    1. Or maybe it means no one cares about USC basketball, no one. And from the crowds at recent USC football games, no one cares about that either these days


  2. Or….he has more faith in JT. JT won the starting job in fall and was by all accounts the best of the three QB’s. He’s also a freshmen who has more years as the starter in front of him and needs to build experience.

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    1. JT has 5 wins under his belt and alot more game experience. He will mature physically by next year and will be more confident. Jack deserves to play some special packages though

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    2. Yeah, “just like Max Browne” was the best of the QBs prior to the 2016 season. You know, better to start than Darnold, because Clay Hackett obviously makes great choices, such as retaining Neil Callaway for two seasons longer than he should, letting Teddy Pendergast stubbornly do what he pleases, keeping John Baxter, not starting Darnold (once again), and not giving Sears an ongoing chance. USC Football is DEAD for the near future, unfortunately, or the continuing future if a change isn’t made most riki-tik.

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  3. Election Night In America. The Trumpster held serve. I hope we win the natty in b-ball, soon. Jack and JT, who knows who’s better because the issue hasn’t been properly vetted, just covered up.

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    1. Your “hope” is a “fantasy!” A dream that will never come true!

      southern cal b-ball natty??!! That’s a good joke! Still laughing out loud!


      1. So, how much did Alford pay for uglie’s team this year? By my estimation, around $5 million. Ugly won’t get their monies worth though.


      2. Hey teddie, how the third place Pac12 banners looking in the hole you call a gym?
        Is there a date set yet for the almost made the “sweet 16” banners? Hahahahaha!


  4. The USC football team is in great shape, and is a matter of fact, so is the entire athletic department . And if you don’t believe me, then ask the delusional, Lynn Swann, because he’ll be the first to tell ya!


  5. Helton would look like a damn fool for second time if he admitted Sears is a better QB with greater upside potential than JT. Its an admission of his incompetence. Unless JT gets injured, Sears won’t see the playing field again. Sears will transfer after the season. He’d be crazy not to.


  6. No Faith F his family crappy football … Gomer is such a con with his hayseed phony persona just stay Gomer you do that beat


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