L.A. Is A Real College Basketball Town

I mentioned this morning the announced crowd was 2,502 at the Galen Center was the smallest for a USC season opener since the arena opened in 2006.

What about UCLA? The crowd of 5,931 at Pauley Pavilion last night was UCLA’s smallest there for a season opener since 1988 against Texas Tech (5,866).

In other news, I wrote about an acrimonious relationship Clay Helton has that people are talking about at Heritage Hall this week. Article here.


10 thoughts on “L.A. Is A Real College Basketball Town

  1. Scooter, you weren’t even at the game. If you were, you would have mentioned that the student section was 90% full. That looked good. The team will be pretty good this year.

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    1. PT, you obviously haven’t checked the bozo u non-conference 2018 – 19 schedule. Once again, Andyain’twinning has willfully managed to litter his N/C schedule with usual 5th tier creme puffs and cupcakes.

      But, SUCCster I understand his motivation:

      ***1) Andrew has a young team that he doesn’t wish to discourage the team too early.

      ***2) Andrew lost his righthand paymaster/asst. coach after he was arrested by the FBI.

      ***3) Andrew has replaced the felon asst coach with the daddy of a special (?) 2018 recruit.

      ***4) Andrew is still perfecting his “Brick and No D” BB strategy.

      SUCC men’s BB less relevant than UCLA FB. Yet, bozo u BB fights on, and still 0 forever.


  2. Wolfman, always looking for an angle. No wonder, the Trumpster gets mad with the media. But, hey, that’s the biz. I chuckle when they play the “moral authority protecting cards.”


  3. There’s just far too much to do in Los Angeles than to rush out for Robert Morris or Fort Wayne. It’s a good problem to have…..


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