USC Assistant Johnny Nansen Is Finalist For Broyles Award

USC assistant coach Johnny Nansen is one of 53 coaches who are finalists for the Broyles Award, which goes to college football’s top assistant.

Nansen is well-liked and a friendly person so this is not about him. But why is anyone from USC a finalist? The staff’s reputation is finally becoming a well-known problem this season.

Nansen coaches the inside linebackers and is USC’s recruiting coordinator. USC’s recruiting class is currently ranked No. 30 by 247Sports.

Does this sound like the nation’s top assistant? Like I said this is not about Nansen. He is better than John Baxter and quite a few others. But it’s an odd time for a USC coach to be nominated.


3 thoughts on “USC Assistant Johnny Nansen Is Finalist For Broyles Award

  1. Probably because of USC’s pedigree in decades past that coupled with LA being the entertainment capital of the world and FSN headquartered here. It most certainly isn;t because of the past 7 years of USC football prowess under any circumstance.


  2. Nann is more know for being Sarks pusher and pimp …like Gomer he jumped of the sinking SS sinking Sark faster than a stoned rat


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