Randal Grimes To Redshirt, But Markese Stepp May Not

USC wide receiver Randal Grimes, who always seems to be buried on the depth chart, will concentrate on academics and redshirt this year, according to Clay Helton. Grimes actually played a couple weeks ago and burned his redshirt last year with an ill-timed appearance against Notre Dame.

Freshman tailback Markese Stepp might have to burn his redshirt to play in place of Stephen Carr, Helton said.

I’m not sure why USC cannot play Aca’Cedric Ware and Vavae Malepeai more with Carr out, but that is what Helton said.

Dominic Davis wil return kickoffs in Carr’s place.


4 thoughts on “Randal Grimes To Redshirt, But Markese Stepp May Not

  1. What happens if one gets hurt? Maybe that’s what they’re prepping Stepp for this week. Hmm. Almost reasonable when you think about it. Sorry, I mean if you think about it. Of course he could redshirt as a sophomore too.


  2. Having trouble keeping track of all the bizarre moves this staff makes on a daily basis. Seems more reactionary than having like an actual plan.


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