10 Things USC Needs To Fix To Beat Cal

1.) Put in some new plays

Cal coaches Justin Wilcox and Peter Sirmon know the USC offensive schemes backward and forward. Assuming the talent gap isn’t enough, USC needs some different plays to keep Cal’s defense off balance.

2.) Play smart

Every week USC looks undisciplined and disorganized. This is why it can never put teams away. It’s an open secret at Heritage Hall but Lynn Swann tolerates it.

3.) Force Clancy Pendergast to watch film of other defenses

Maybe USC’s defense would look better against the pass if it wasn’t always playing man-to-man coverage. If Clay Helton sent Pendergast to study how other schools play defense instead of slavishly worshipping his overrated defensive coordinator, USC would be a lot better off.

4.) Demand better QB play

Why does JT Daniels have a stranglehold on the quarterback position? He reminds me of Rob Johnson. He can make enough passes to keep his job but doesn’t really get you to where you need to be. Jack Sears, please.

5.) Don’t burn redshirts

Clay Helton might play freshman tailback Markese Stepp on Saturday. If he is going to burn Stepp’s redshirt, he better actually play him and not use him for three plays.

6.) Dominate somebody

Can USC blow anyone out? The Trojans could not even protect a 21-0 lead against Oregon State. How would they fare against Notre Dame right now?

7.) Find a coach who can teach snapping

Toa Lobendahn’s snaps have been an issue all season and the great Tim Drevno didn’t fix it last week. As an aside, some of the snaps look catchable but JT Daniels isn’t getting them so the center has to be better-than-average on every snap.

8.) Stop the false starts

Josh Falo false started against Oregon State. So did Andrew Voorhes. But don’t blame them. It happens every week. It doesn’t happen every week with well-coaches teams. Neither do personal fouls.

9.) Fire Clay Helton

Just a thought.

10.) Fire Lynn Swann

Do you trust him to hire a good coach or would he just call Jack Del Rio?


13 thoughts on “10 Things USC Needs To Fix To Beat Cal

    1. Exactly, a guy who can’t keep his job, suggesting someone else lose their job and giving advice on how to do something Scott has no idea about…. Old Scotty looking for an identity…


  1. SCooter, I agree with all of them. One exception to #5, the player can play up to four games with out losing his redshirt at any time. So they could have played in the unlv, osu, cal and nd game and not lose it. I love what you wrote about Daniels. Who made him the “qb”? Start Sears. #9 and #10 definetly yes. SC might lose a year in recruiting but they would make up for it in coaching.


  2. Jack Del Rio would be an upgrade over Helton. Maybe not the best hire but you can be sure practices would be more physical and at least JDR has HC experience, something Helton never had when he got hired.


  3. Jack Del Rio is a Pro FB coach. The chance he would contemplate babysitting/coaching the bozo u FB team is not impossible, but highly improbable. There are way too many frustrating NCAA rules and practice restrictions not found in Pro FB.

    Furthermore, Del Rio doesn’t strike me as a person inclined to suck up to the SUCC alcoholic, fat cat boosters, or the dysfunctional, bozo athletic administration.


    1. JT may be a 1st round lotto pick, but he was not as polished as represented to us. We all saw Sears play. I saw potential. Many did, regardless of the experts, or the non-experts. It’s very fair to say, many felt a little betrayed by the wide differences we fans were handed. There’s enough public doubt as to who’s better suited for the team at this time, to investigate further in live games. That’s fair. There’s an impression out here, that simply telling Jack, that’s it, buddy, isn’t fair. Clay and coaching cast are accumulating doubt on many different personnel decisions, whether he or anyone else agrees. Is that how a family works? Families, probably, would seek to address doubt, so disfunction and separation are minimized or eliminated. Let both of them learn…..on the job…in front of everyone.


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