If It’s Friday, It’s Time For A USC Notes Column

Are you having trouble getting excited for the Crosstown Rivalry?

Last year, when USC won, the Trojans fans didn’t even make any noise to celebrate the victory and when the student section tried to start a So Cal spellout, it fizzled out because the regular fans refused to follow suit. And that was during a 10-win season.

Imagine how surly USC fans will be at the Rose Bowl on Saturday?

How many USC fans will even go? I know one USC season-ticket holder who lives in Pasadena within walking distance of the Rose Bowl is going to watch the game at home on TV.

The announced attendance two years ago was 71,137 and it looked like far less were actually at the game. Who would be surprised a much smaller crowd is at Saturday’s game?

  • I’ve heard from USC fans who want UCLA to win to force Lynn Swann to make a coaching change. I can’t remember ever hearing this from so many fans even during the Paul Hackett era.
  • Did you notice that USC target Marist Liufau, a linebacker from Honolulu, committed to Notre Dame this week? Keep an eye on Mater Dei wide receiver Bru McCoy and Orange Lutheran wide receiver Kyle Ford. McCoy has been considered a lock for USC but there is chatter about him going to Texas. Some believe Ford is headed elsewhere.

At what point does recruiting factor into this mess of a season for Lynn Swann?

  • The USC-UCLA rivalry has always been intense but this week I heard an interesting story from the 1960’s. The coaching staffs of USC and UCLA would meet for cocktails one night the week of the game. Imagine that happening today.
  • For years, there was also a tradition that the winning team would send coaches over to the other locker room and congratulate the opposing coaches.

The student were not quite so gracious in the 1950’s. One year, UCLA reportedly had a card stunt that offered the middle finger to USC fans. USC also sabotaged a UCLA card in 1957 by sneaking an “SC” into it.

  • And finally, here are the Pac-12 football graduation rates for 2017-18:
  1. Utah 95 percent
  2. Stanford 95 percent
  3. Colorado 85 percent
  4. Washington 84 percent
  5. UCLA 84 percent
  6. USC 76 percent
  7. Arizona 76 percent
  8. WSU 75 percent
  9. ASU 73 percent
  10. Oregon 71 percent
  11. Oregon State 64 percent
  12. Cal 64 percent

22 thoughts on “If It’s Friday, It’s Time For A USC Notes Column

  1. Per that claim of opposing football staffs meeting for drinks a few days prior to the game – it had to be before 1965 i.e. there was no love lost between John McKay and Tommy Prothro.


      1. Deprived of meaningful work, men and women lose their reason for existence; they go stark, raving mad. ~Fyodor Dostoevsky


  2. Truth #1: Helton’s Gomer football has lost almost all SC fans’ interest because it’s downright boring and frustrating to watch even on TV, let alone in person.

    Truth #2: Most SC fans are more anxious to see a coaching change than the outcome of Saturday’s game. Most of them, including myself, would be willing to swallow a loss and a coaching change, instead of a win and Helton staying put for many, many years like he wants to.

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    1. Swallow a loss to UCLA? Good grief. No way! Do I need to call you, “Judas”, Scott, and company. How about “Benedict Arnold.” When I write and proclaim, it’s for smoother sailing and more success, NOT LESS! It’s unfathomable to feed into the enemy’s narrative and expect our fans to walk back to their cars at the Rose Bowl, facing those people! If the Trojan Nation ignores me, fine, but we better be winning. Otherwise, listen up.


      1. USC is not just playing for tomorrow’s bell, but those of the next generation…they have leadership looking to assert dominance over us in ways that will hurt beyond this season.


      2. On November 17, 1984, I stumbled out of one such ambush at the Rose Bowl, bitter because UCLA had just beaten USC, 29-10. From 1984 to 1998, USC went 4-10-1 against UCLA. .


      3. That 1984 loss was especially painful – not a great USC team, but 8-1 after knocking off #1 Washington, and with luck in position to win an improbable national championship following Tollner’s awful first 4-6-1 season, needing only to beat the Bruins and a bad Gerry Faust-coached Irish…eventually made that much more unfulfilling after upsetting a loaded Buckeyes squad in the Rose Bowl…interestingly, at least to me, the program currently resembles the depths of the Tollner Era…and Jack Del Rio was one of the stars of that team…not my first choice, but a good one, and certainly light years above where we are now…


      4. Yes. Well done, James. You are a good and faithful Trojan! Coincidentally, the main quarterback that year was Tim Green. I didn’t know him at USC, never met him, until this year, 2018, strictly by a million or more to one chance.


      5. I was just a kid but I was a huge fan – still have the Sports Illustrated edition that featured the USC-Washington game…believe Tim Green was a JC transfer who took over after Sean Salisbury went down? That’s neat you met him…I have a DVD if that Rose Bowl – actually one of the most enjoyable Trojans victories in my opinion and Green was money that day (along with the kicker – Jordan?)!


      6. Yes, Steve Jordan, kicker. Norv Turner, was the offensive coordinator for USC, 1984, now in the same position for the Carolina Panthers. Maybe they win the SUPER BOWL this season.


      7. Doesn’t matter what you babble because you’re dumb enough not to understand the clear logic that borders on the common sense according to 99.9% of normal SC fans. Can you make it in the rarefied 0.1%? Highly doubtful. lol.


  3. Saw that the new line from Heritage Hall includes claims of future national championships and great kids – Clay Helton is bristling with excitement and “can’t wait to see what the future holds”…

    Isn’t this the same coach who, a few weeks ago when cornered after yet another debacle, said “I can’t wait to see what this team looks like in November” – as in November 2018…well, we’re seeing it – why aren’t the (concerned with protecting their access?) media asking him to follow up on this?

    Anyone discussing anything other than replacement candidates is out of their minds…

    This is worse than Tollner or Hackett. In fact, the program has become like a bad satire of the Twilight Zone episode “On Thursday We Leave For Home,” with CH playing the part of Captain Benteen…and we’re all waiting for the rescue ship to arrive…


  4. I don’t ever want USC to lose, especially to the wimps from Westwood and the domers. I do, however, expect the two Kellys to completely outclass CH the next two Saturdays. Sad times.


  5. I had no idea that Cal was such a crappy academic school! When you get housed by ASU, something’s wrong….. with them or the stupid rankings.

    And a much shorter blog entry for you Scottie: Both Trojans and Bruins stink, so fans aren’t showing up. ….. next stop? Rocket Science!


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