Another week to pick a USC game. Sigh.

I’m actually tired of describing USC’s underachievement on a weekly basis. I wonder how many of you feel your health is affected while watching USC games? Does your blood pressure rise?

Anyways, on paper, USC should win today’s game. UCLA is young and has won only two games.

But now comes the but. USC could not even put away Oregon State. This is UCLA’s bowl game. JT Daniels is starting. Again. John Baxter is coaching. Clay Helton is calling plays. Iman Marshall is playing. I could go on.

It should be a close game. Two bad teams who play in the worst division of a lousy conference. If uSC loses, it probably will not go to a bowl game. Is that what the Trojans secrely want? To take December off?

The team looked fed up last week. And Helton just stands there as Rome burns on the sideline.

Even with all that, I can list reasons USC will win. The problem is USC needs to lose. There is a reason Washington, Utah, Oregon and UCLA fans are rooting for USC victories. They want Helton to stay.

So on those grounds, it is impossible to pick the Trojans: UCLA 24, USC 23.


21 thoughts on “My USC-UCLA Pick

  1. One thing is almost in this post ” The problem is USC needs to lose. There is a reason Washington, Utah, Oregon and UCLA fans are rooting for USC victories. They want Helton to stay.”

    You forgot to list Stanford and Notre Dame.


  2. The only point I disagree with in this post is when you say Helton stands around while Rome burns.

    C’mon blogger! The 2018 season will forever be known as the Fall of Troy!

    Let’s go! Bring on the Crosstown Showdown! I’m pumped!

    Beat the Bruins! and Fire Helton!


  3. The only good thing about losing today is I’ll be off work for a week. That’s a week of not hearing “what happened” or “why did the coach keep that moronic center in the game?”
    Tis the season to forget. If I were a fair weather fan I’d ask for a Rams jersey for Christmas. But no I will never give up and besides going to the game is still horrible for the time being.


  4. Will 45,000 even show up for this shit show ? I HATE ucla, but they are playing are better than SC is right now and ucla has the motivation to win this game while SC looks like a team that has quit.

    The scary thing is, I can see Gomer losing today, getting blown away next week and still coming back next year, that’s how dysfunctional USC is these days.


  5. Win, lose, or draw CH has to go after the season. Bringing him back only prolongs the problem, and, amongst many other things, jeopardizes recruiting. It’s a fool’s errand to think hiring a new staff will rectify this debacle for three reasons. First, CH is the real problem. Gotta kill the head of the snake. Second, no good assistant would take the job because everybody knows CH is a short-timer, and nobody wants to take a job and relocate their family just to move again 9 mos later. Finally, assistant coaches want to work in good programs for reputable. HCs. They use each coaching gig as springboard on the journey to becoming HCs themselves. Ever wondered why so many former HCs end up at Alabama as assistants and analysts? (e.g., Kiffin and Sark)

    CH and the football program in its current state cannot offer this benefit. He will always find it impossible to hire competent people, something Haden obviously didn’t consider before hiring him.

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  6. After all these years, I’m feeling that you need a bit of a break, Scottie. A little distance may do wonders for you. As for me, blood pressure rise? Hell no. It’s a game. We’ve got bigger fish to fry.


  7. USC and UCLA are not that far apart. What would USC’s record be if OSU and WSU were flipped with Oregon and Washington? 3-7 (losing to both teams).

    What would UCLA’s record be if Oregon and Washington were flipped with OSU and WSU? 3-7 (Loss to WSU, win over OSU).


  8. I hate it that I want UCLA to win today. But if SC wins, we keep helton for at least another half season and don’t get a real coach until 2020 and they won’t be coaching ‘their recruits’ until 2022.

    Meanwhile UCLA will be in years 3-5 of the Chip Kelly era (I’m a lot more nervous him at that school than this season warrants). Unfortunately a win tonight probably means a 3 or 4 season losing streak to UCLA.


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