Sunday Night With Clay Helton

Take a deep breath for the weekly Clay Helton press conference:

Helton asked why Lynn Swann has not backed him up in public: “When he’s ready to make a comment, I know he will. It’s his right to do it whenever he feels free. But he’s given me the utmost support.”

Helton was asked about his job security: “Not one thing different. Same offensive and defensive staff meeting. … Nothing changes here.”

“It’s not my job to worry about speculation. It’s not my job to worry about what’s said. It’s my job to be able to raise kids and help them win games. That’s all I’m focused on.”

“I worry about one thing and that’s competing against a good Notre Dame team.”

“Our mindset ahead of us is we have a tremendous opportunity this week.”

Helton said the UCLA game was a “very tough loss for our football team.”

18 thoughts on “Sunday Night With Clay Helton

  1. He is obviously trying to be as defiant about the reality he’s facing as possible to protect his ego and pride. But his departure is a foregone conclusion, which is only a matter of time. Will it occur tomorrow or after the ND game? Stay tuned.

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    1. 1) Would you fire a guy that won you a Rose Bowl two years ago?

      2) Who is going to fire him? Lame Duck Swan?

      3) Do you have any money left to buy out Helton’s contract this year after the Millions you still have to pay for your OB molester ?

      4) Who would take this HC job if there is no acting President and the A.D. may be gone in a double-firing?

      5) Is Troy burning?


      1. ucla fan or some other Pac12 fan??? when your enemy is destroying itself…keep out of the way and enable it to continue…right?
        WELL, some of us see better than others,and want something done, last yr was a joke and ended with the thumping by Ohio st…that Pac12 so called championship was meaningless when you actually see how weak the Pac 12 was and still is.


  2. Raise kids lol .. this massive butt kissers is trying that weak avenue. Did #91 get his ice cream taken away for punching an opponent? How about Pittman and Vaughn for going half speed on that ugly heave ho pick to Brown. Biggie gets a start after taunting Cal bench in final minutes … what a mess this guy is , so clueless it’s like picking on a special needs kid now

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  3. “ We’ re right there. The loves of my life, the kids, are right there ready for a great bowl game. I mean, we’re in with a win. In fact, that’s this week’s saying, ‘We’re in with a win.’ But only if, I really do love’em, the kids decide to practice. It being Thanksgiving and all- boy I love turkey and biscuits, mashed taters, and gravy- only if they wanna practice. I let them decide. They’re kids, but they’re really smart. Swann has my back. I think he can still play too. We’re in with a win.”


  4. BTW, Clueless Clay didnt win the rose bowl. Sam Darnold did! And Clueless Clay didnt win the pac 12. Sam Darnold did! Is that the same Sam Darnold that was second string to Max Browne! Because you have 24 years experience you know!. This BOZO is full of himself!

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    1. Without Penn State’s incredibly incompetent HFBC James Franklin’s leadership, Penn St. wins the 2017 RB game. Penn St. needed one first down to ice the game and go home victorious. FB doesn’t get any simpler than that.

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