Jack Sears Should Start Vs. Notre Dame

I have said this many times since the Arizona State game and I will say it again: Jack Sears is USC’s best most dynamic quarterback and best quarterback for the current offense.

He deserves to start against Notre Dame.

I have written endlessly about Clay Helton’s shortcomings the past 2 years but he should be fired simply because of the way he handled the quarterback situation this season.

Why does JT Daniels start no matter what? Is Helton that beholden to his family? Was some deal made before Daniels came to USC?

Who cares if Daniels transfers if he gets mad because Sears starts over him?

The team prefers Sears. Everyone around the program knows this point is true.

Most fans I speak to prefer Sears. Former coaches I speak to think Sears is the best choice.

There is only one person preventing Sears from playing: Helton.

It is coaching malfeasance that Helton stubbornly starts Daniels every week. And it illustrates how USC never corrects its mistakes.


25 thoughts on “Jack Sears Should Start Vs. Notre Dame

  1. Of all the things to continue to bang on Helton for, this has to be quite literally the worst thing to even try and bring up. Helton is an awful coach, we know this. But the fact is, JT Daniels was the best QB in the Summer by a good margin. He won that job fair and square.

    The idea that Sears is somehow the best QB on the team because of a showing against ASU where HE LOST, is a bit silly. Daniels also has had better performances against better teams, mainly Wazzou, a game USC won.

    There are certainly reasons to play Sears, most of those being that this particular Offense is better suited for a guy like him that JT. But that is the better argument, to change the Offense to suit your QB, or play the guy who fits the system better. I would prefer to change the Mickey Mouse Offense we run.

    But the fact is, there is nothing that has happened this year that should make any person with reasonable football knowledge to think Sears is the better QB. He has played in one game, looked good for two quarters, and lost. JT has about 6 of those games, but he also has the game against Wazzu where he looked great in a win.


    1. Hucklebuck you are right!!
      Clueless Clay with his 24 year experience did the same thing with Max Browne. He didnt build the offense around the type of player Max is.
      Max would have been better at stanford. I think. And Sears is better for the zone read. i really hope after ND kicks our ASS Swann will fire Bozo and his staff!!


      1. You can disagree all you want, but it’s a fact that JT is the best QB in the roster. Did you bother following Spring Ball with Sears and Fink? They both sucked. It took JT 3 weeks in August to take the job two others had been practicing over a year for.

        Sears can scramble around better, but JT is the better QB. They simply need to run an Offense that doesn’t cripple his skillset. Not to mention play a Center who can snap the ball.


  2. I like the energy Sears brings to the team, and he obviously has so much more mobility than JT. While I am hoping for a 1974 moment on Saturday, I don’t think it will matter which one plays. JT will be under enormous pressure, and Helton may be forced to bring in Sears.


    1. No trojan 67 – you’re confusing 1974 with the truly remarkable upset – 1970 when we were all a ‘…singing in the rain…”. USC entered the game with a miserable 5 – 4 – 1 record (tie against NE and then those losses @ stanford, @ OR, Cal and that solid beatdown by ucla the week before the Irish came to town). Theismann set the record that day but the best was opening up ‘El Rodeo’ 1971 year book and paging over to the football/sports section…again page after page of that awful season finalized with the ucla loss and then as one turned the page there was that photo of John Vella with this huge grin on his face and the caption ‘…and then there was Notre Dame!”


      1. Rus – yes indeed, though I was thinking of the type of energy that the Trojans brought after being down so far in 1974.

        But as you note the 1970 game was the great upset. A big day for Clarence Davis. I kept waiting for the clock to run out, given what Theismann was doing to us…

        We can always hope…

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      2. Rus – those were the days. Given the current coaching staff, I am not even sure that the team has a true sense of what this rivalry means. I guess we will find out on Saturday. Thanks again for noting the 1970 game.


  3. It’s obvious that Sears should get a look…I’ve spoken about it at nauseoum lol….that’s why I’m giving these posters here today a break, and just letting them go unopposed. If you can’t see the complete picture, oh well. This is not a case of “being attracted to the backup.” This is a case of “what’s best for team health” and “further investigation required”, in the interest of all, except, maybe Clay and stafff and JT, for their stubbornness and greed and self preservation……Sears is a high school state champion, at the same high school Darnold couldn’t take there! That’s not dismissible. Sears’ attributes are not as easily quantified in practice, THAT’S OBVIOUS! One thing I learned going to USC hurt, I had to sit there and watch talent make there way, on a daily basis. The experience rubs off on a person. It’s one of the most interesting things about Trojan life: watching and learning and hanging with people who go on to be great, even if you don’t. Vicariously, they gave me a boost, following their careers for years, just smiling and knowing. Randy Johnson( later to become the Big Unit), Mark McGuire(Big Mac), Jack Del Rio(Happy Jack) etc., etc., etc. How many of us have seen the talent at USC, when they were 18, 19, 20?….Countless of us…..through the decades….Sears has skills, worthy to watch, not bench. Personally, JT has been over hyped and that brings issues, as we all know and see. I have said for too long, this staff has personnel handling problems worthy of dismissal…. 24 years?……stick it, Clay.


  4. Besides Matt Barkley, who led a ridiculously loaded offense, there has always been a process in becoming the starting QB at USC. When PC’s juggernaut teams of the 2000s were riding high, you had players like Matt Leinart, John David Booty, Mark Sanchez and Matt Cassel waiting in the wings -with eligibility remaining (I think most of these guys started as RS Juniors and had learned the system really well). Helton made the choice of starting a True F. Sears didn’t just play one good half ( making his first start, the offense was limited in the 1st half, and when the offense did open up- he showed his stuff). I think Helton is afraid of admitting that he made a mistake starting Daniels.
    Here’s the real problem: Defenses adjust to Daniels, he isn’t an improviser, the O doesn’t adjust, the offense lays an egg. During the losing streak, the offense has tanked in the 2nd half. Sears’ running ability gives the D more to think about, which in turn opens up the offense.

    I get on SW when he is wrong, but here he is right about starting Jack Sears.



  5. I think that for the past SIXTY years, there have only been three coaches that have satisfied the fans of USC. McKay, Robinson and Pete. Sixty years is a long time to only be happy with three coaches.

    Coach Helton should most definitely come back for 2019. A Pac-12 title, an awesome Rose Bowl win and an absolutely horrible year. Another year should be automatic and I hope Coach Helton gets it.



    1. I think you can say that about most elite programs:
      Bama: Bear, Stallings, Saban
      ND: Parsegian, Devine, Holtz
      Michigan: Bo, Carr
      Ohio St.: Tressel, Meyer, Hayes
      FSU: Jimbo, Bowden
      The U: Schnellenburger, Johnson, Erickson
      Clemson: Ford and Sweeney
      Oklahoma: Stoops, Switzer,
      Nebraska: Osborne
      Texas: Brown, Royal
      LSU: Saban, Miles
      U Dub: James. Petersen (Maybe)
      Penn St.: Frankiln ( SC’s next HC!!?) Can’t include Paterno for knowing about Sandusky
      UCLA: ???????? Oh yeah, I said Elite



      1. Hay bonehead. UCLA More NCAA Championships and way less Felony convictions than any of thee above! Including the non mentioned Clown School! Happy Thanksgiving!


  6. Sears definitely deserves playing time, and I believe he will see action Saturday. Their defensive front will be in our backfield often. I can see JT collapsing already. Sears provides much more mobility which will be a must in this game for sure.


  7. Many SC devotees cite that JT is the better QB because he was clearly better QB in practices in July and August. That’s great. However, SC is now 5-6, and JT is responsible, in part for the 6 losses. Of the 6, the best chance for a win was the ASU game, where Sears played a solid game. You can chalk-up that loss to poor play calling by Dumbleton, a porous at best defense, and a dropped TD pass in the end zone. No errant pics, no acting like a douche in pressure situations, no giving up – traits that JT has displayed routinely, especially last week.

    Some players are great at practices, they make all the throws, do everything right, then on game day – the wheels fall off. That, as of now is the case with JT Daniels – great in practice, bad on game day.

    Start Sears – that would take intelligence and balls. Do it and you have a better chance to win. Don’t and ND is all but guaranteed a win.


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