Michael Pittman Plans To Return . . . We’ll See

Michael Pittman said tonight he expects to return for his senior season.

“I don’t know why everyone thinks I’m on my out,” Pittman said. “If I get a good (NFL draft) eval, that might make me look at it. But if I had to make a decision right now, it’d be easy.”

Let me just say I don’t think this is too solid at the moment. I’ve heard several people inside the program say they believe Pittman will leave. Especially if Clay Helton returns.

And let’s face it, JT Daniels prefers Amon-Ra St. Brown in spite of Pittman being the best receiver on the team.

If you read that Pittman is coming back, take it lightly because it is still early and he doesn’t need to make an official decision. Who wants to stay in this program right now the way it is?


4 thoughts on “Michael Pittman Plans To Return . . . We’ll See

  1. Pittman is really an excellent target. He could be really valuable to the team next year. I hope it’s true but I also hope USC will get it together for Saturday…


  2. Pittman manhandles DBs at the college level and could be a solid pro if he comes out this year. If he waits, stays, and becomes even stronger, his physical play might translate even better in the pros. Career ending injuries aren’t as common nowadays, plus you can take out insurance. I would say CTE is more worrisome although the players are protected better in today’s game. I would consider all of these factors if I were him.

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