Kliff Kingsbury Got Hired, Now What?

USC fans are pretty happy that Kliff Kingsbury accepted the offensive coordinator’s job.

But the program still needs someone to instill discipline, which almost has to be an outside source because Clay Helton isn’t really respected enough to put fear into the players. And it needs to address the strength and conditioning.

Practices also need to get a lot tougher.

Let’s see if those changes will occur. Clancy “I’m coaching without making a single adjustment” is bulletproof. So is John “I’m coaching as bad as I can” Baxter.

So Kingsbury is a good first step. But there are a lot more steps that need to occur.

Also, how do USC’s running backs feel about the new offense? I would imagine they are a little apprehensive.


17 thoughts on “Kliff Kingsbury Got Hired, Now What?

  1. Well, the bozos have hired a pre-interim HFBC in case SUCCX tarmacs Helton. It seems CLOWN U is deliberately fomenting conflict and tumult amongst the SUCCX coaching staff.


  2. All the scribes are saying how Gomer ‘hired’ KK lol … Swann was forced to hire someone competent to save his own arse if Gomer fails. Too little too late though Swannie


  3. Off topic: I thought it was interesting that Urban Meyer indicated that he would retire, but is considering a college job that might come open next year. According to Colin Cowherd it’s a top 5 or top 10 job and Meyer has been interested in the past. I wonder what school he was referring to…


      1. ND would fit the profile of a top job, but I haven’t heard or seen any indication that Kelly is ready to give it up. I think we could probably narrow the suspects to teams that have a coach who is nearing retirement, in a position to get a pro job or close to being shown the door. How many top 10 (maybe top 5) jobs fit the bill?


  4. Texas Tech ran more than Stanford this year, so no, they’re not apprehensive….. Classy of you to say the hiring was “good”!


  5. Hindsight Notes #1

    Just imagine SUCCXster what kind of shape the bozo FB Program might be in today had St. Pat employed Coach O instead of St. Pat’s Fireball sipping buddy, St. Sark?

    ****This weeks worse professional managerial contract extension: The Dodgers give Stiff Roberts, a 4yr extension. The Dodgers need arms, a set lineup and common sense Mgr. with a basic understanding of the science of pitching. Roberts is, in my opinion, the worse Dodger Mgr. in the last 30 years; lest ye forget, those years include Jim Tracy’s pathetic incumbency.


    1. Hey Jackov, it looks like you’ll need to double your dose of sleeping pills to snooze a few hours tonight. SC hired KK, Doyers showing the signs of joining the ranks of also-rans with sucla gutties, and whatnot. lol.


  6. WELL,THAT’S NICE. Now the real problem is still ‘no bowl’ helton. Who is gonna’ tell him spring ball and fall camp along with in season practices will be in full pads and at full speed with contact…real blocking and tackling…if not a one win season, maybe Colorado…maybe.


  7. WSU south. Let’s hope Clancy can keep opposing offenses to less than 40, then we should win 8 or 9! Woo hoo! USC is back!


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