The Pac-12 Shows USC Little Respect

Did you notice USC plays two Friday games next season?

Can you imagine Michigan or Ohio State playing two Friday games in the Big Ten? Can you imagine those schools putting up with it?

Does the Pac-12 care about USC fans? Two week day games? I hope none of you have kids that play high school football. Or are cheerleaders that attend Friday night games.

I’m sure Larry Scott could care less.


10 thoughts on “The Pac-12 Shows USC Little Respect

  1. I think the point wolfman is trying to make, is that Larry Scott is trying to protect his elite programs (UCLA only has 1 weekday game and nicely placed bye weeks).

    He shows little to no respect for clown college U. southern cal is done for the foreseeable future… Viva Clay!! I heard they might look into scheduling southern cal in espn’s Tuesday night slot. fit un!


      1. man my son turned 11 yesterday. 11 years they’ve pinned the bruins already? they need a W before my son is 18 and that streak goes to 18🎂


  2. Friday night games used to be really common in the 50’s and 60’s. Usually in Sept,but the attendance was only about 50-60,000 unless it was a big game. One of my most memorable games attended was SC vs Ohio St in ’59…2 really good teams and great coaching staffs.


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