USC Releases 2019 Football Schedule

Below is USC’s 2019 football schedule. USC plays two Friday games. It travels to Washington, has a bye and then travels to Notre Dame.

It has back-to-back road games at Arizona State and Cal in November before ending the season with UCLA.



13 thoughts on “USC Releases 2019 Football Schedule

  1. Clay Helton is doomed… lmao! There’s no way USC can endure a schedule like that under Helton’s lack of leadership. Historically, the Trojans would get through those above average teams, but since most of those coaches can out coach Helton with their eyes closed, look for SC to finish with a 5-7 record. After three years of playing weak teams, it finally gets real for Bozo Helton

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    1. Fred – I’m glad you’re optimistic – I’m thinking 3-9 is entirely possible (with a bunch of 49-56 Ls in the mix)…they’ve done nothing to fix the core problems…this only helps the journalists who make a living off of this! Good for ’em I guess…


    2. Looks like Gomer will never survive this schedule unless Swannie thinks 6-6 is stable. Tedford and chippy Fresno in opener … yikes Gomer
      Stanford is suppose to be good next year … ut oh Gomer
      at BYU .. Gomer had better hope he is 2-0 at this point
      Utah on a Friday nite .. after Gomer has given them Sunday through Wednesday off
      at Udub … loss
      Bye … more time off Gomer ! maybe permanently
      at ND … loss
      Rest doesn’t matter


  2. Who in God’s name allows SC to play two Friday night games? They should be shot, crucified, friqused, quartered, and have their arms and legs pulled off. That is just plain dumb and ridiculous.


    1. Agreed PT,
      Most likely it’s the lame conference and not the school AD (who is also lame) But maybe that’s why Swann kept Helton for next year. He knows with Helton as coach the crowd will be manageable. Maybe 25-32 k optimistically.


    2. Fricassee(d): a dish of stewed or fried pieces of meat served in a thick white sauce.

      Ex: Fricassed SUCCX swimming in a Ripple and Puke marc sauce.


  3. Schedule works out perfectly for KK to replace Gomer during the bye week … and then Swannie to rehearse his collapse prior to Kickoff vs ND.


  4. UCLA (3 – 9) had the #1 toughest Div. 1 2018 FB schedule.

    SUCCX on the other hand, excepting the Stanford/Tixas stretch, had a 2018 cupcake schedule and still finished 5 – 7 losers.

    Typical whiny Rah-Rah BS: “Why is everybody picking on Clown U.” The 2019 FB schedule hasn’t started but the Sunshine Pumpers aren’t pumping, because the 2019 FB schedule is a tad harsh. Whoa is SUCCX, imagine, with all their claimed talent, having to live up to CLOWN U elite FB status. When bozo FB gets tough, the CLOWNsters act like spoiled, CS, little twats.


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