Morning Buzz: Does USC Need An Urban Makeover?

There is already specutlation that a year from now Urban Meyer will replace Clay L-ton.

What happens to Kliff Kingsbury in that scenario? Does he move on? USC fans are so excited right now about Kingsbury they act like he is the greatest offensive mastermind in football history.

Meyer to USC would be something. He is not a yes man, which would be rough for Lynn Swann. He also would ruffle a lot of feathers inside the athletic dept. and with some boosters because he is not exactly a warm and fuzzy type.

But he would win. So USC would need to really swallow hard and hire him.

Is Swann capable of such a move?

Kingsbury might be able to to get a few more wins. Would Swann fire Helton if he only lost three or four games?

That’s what a real athletic director would do.


15 thoughts on “Morning Buzz: Does USC Need An Urban Makeover?

  1. If Swann had fired Helton (as of course he should have) and made this move, as was rumored, Saban would have immediately cancelled the 2020 opener…he is exactly the type of coach (in the sense of tough/demanding/accomplished) that is needed…but not him please (there’s a line, and while we may not know where it is, he clearly is on the other side of it) – too much baggage…but someone like him is needed…the hiring of a finesse OC from a conference that is little better than the Pac 12 (Baylor, Tech, Oklahoma, West Virginia, Oklahoma State…all very similar approaches) hardly portends true corrections of the fundamental program failures…rather it suggests a string of 8-4 or 9-3 seasons with basketball scores, and physical beatings at the hands of programs like Alabama (think we will see a preview of things to come in this year’s national semifinal)…

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  2. If Urban Meyer makes an inquiry about the USC job, then most athletic directors would fire their Mama if necessary… lol 😂 Clay Helton would never win a national championship, and if anybody thinks that he would, then they are into the pretend games, like most Trojan Fan Boys… lol But Scott Wolf is right, because Lynn Swann, and the athletic administration, couldn’t handle a Man’s, Man running the football program, especially if he’s an outsider .

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    1. Yes, sure appears the university/football program is heading down the path that the University of Miami went down following the arrival of Donna Shalala…and actually, I’m okay with that, if they’ll just be open and honest about it…but this con they’ve been running since the arrival of Haden…I want my $49.99 t-shirt money back! haha

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      1. Yimmy, yimmy, only an all-day bozo sucker would pay $49.99 for a cheap Clown U Tee, and only the mentally challenged would admit it.


      2. I did smell sUCla…but like a clever rodent you skulked about in Hollywood prior to making your presence evident…I bought that t-shirt with money that must have been funneled through whichever USC fan it was that must have been stealing McMiguel’s lunch money (prior to him buying the cheap booze that now fuels his sheBear delusions)…seriously, you should be happy, since Troy hiring KK means we will be running the same doomed-to-fail (quack attack/air raid – it’s the same) finesse offense as CK…of course the difference being that failure for us with Clay was still 5-7, with KK oh say 8-4…as opposed to that 3-9 shoe fits spectacle you uncorked (since you can’t uncork victory champagne, at least not in your hometown in January) last year…so have a great day flipping burgers, and we’ll be waiting for your next appearance to transform our orderly Woof-Woof playground into a modern day vomitoria…

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  3. Would Sc hire someone that had an issue? I think one year removed, they would. Myers coached at Utah and won. There is more talent locally here than Ohio St., so that would make recruiting easier for him. The recruits would like to see a major college coach. Swann would not care as long as SC wins and his check clears, that is all that matters to Swann.


  4. This is the 2nd time Meyer has stepped down for health reasons…I would watch the meetings between AD Swann and any SC coach in the future…I don’t think Kliff would have signed to be under heltons thumb,so intrigue is abounding, the speculations are about to explode…well it is LA/Hollywood/Media, correct? Entertainment rules…

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  5. I think we need to see who is brought in for line coach and Defense needs help too. I don’t think Myers is coming West.
    It was the offense that left the defense out there to rot. If the offense can stop going 3 &out the defense can hold their own.
    What I hope happens is Helton realized he’s been dealt his last chance and he needs to be held accountable. Someone needs to knock the Dr. Spock psychobabble out of his play book.


  6. ‘The USC defense can hold their own’


    How many of those 4* and 5* made the PAC-12 1st team? What was the name of your bigtime corner who ran his mouth & cost you the CAL game?

    USC defense: a bunch of great athletes playing 1 on 1. Or injured. Or running their mouths. Nothing will change that in 2019.

    Cement feet Daniels, No line, fight on lads.

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