Will Clay Helton Get Any Credit For Kliff Kingsbury?

When a coach hires a big-time offensive coordinator, he is not supposed to worry about who gets the credit because the head coach always benefits from winning.

That was apparent when Pete Carroll co-existed with Norm Chow until Carroll eventually got tired of Chow getting credit and wanted to prove he could do it on his own. Big mistake. But Carroll got tons of credit when Chow was there and reaped the benefits with two national titles.

The Clay Helton-Kliff Kingsbury partnership feels different. Helton might save his job if Kingsbury’s offense is successful. But who will give any credit to Helton?

He is viewed as such a bumbler and incompetent that if the offense averages 50 points a game, everyone will simply credit Kingsbury. No one is really in the mood to credit Helton.

10 thoughts on “Will Clay Helton Get Any Credit For Kliff Kingsbury?

  1. Clay Helton will get credit when he does something great. He did steady the program after Sark and Kiffin left it in turmoil, but he hasn’t done anything great. PC could recruit like nobody’s business, but he also created an unparalleled atmosphere of competition that NFL scouts even marveled at. I do think that Helton hasn’t had the healthy, mature bodies to create that competition and that he has been too cautious in trying to prevent injuries. You couple this with his so-so ability to communicate during interviews and his shaky game management, undisciplined team and lack of in game adjustments, and you don’t deserve credit for anything good. He just hasn’t done anything real well and it will be hard to change this narrative. Honestly, only a natty will.

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    1. Two coaches have won a natty and a Super Bowl. Two. Pete should have won another SB. His college accomplishments are legendary.
      In a playoff format, the 2006 – 08 teams would have all made the cut and won at least one of those titles. He did nothing? Hardly- I guess you consider 3 Rose Bowl victories and 3 PAC 10 titles nothing. Team of the Decade (2000s).


  2. “No one is in the mood” – ore maybe “I (Scottie) am not in the mood”…. The man finished #3 in the nation with a QB who turned the ball over more than just about any other QB in the nation. Then won the league the next year. One bad year, and he’s a bumbler? Get the hell out of here. CLAY doesn’t care who gets “credit” like you would, Scottie. And Carroll didn’t give a flying F that you called him Caesar while winning a couple of Natties. Clay is a class guy who needed an O-Coordinator, and he got the best in the biz. That’s recruiting. He’s a good man and people like to be around him. That’s why he’s one of the best recruiters of players in the nation, and why he can recruit top coaching talent – when he WANTS to. And I’m glad he and Lynn joined WANTED to this time.

    Fight on Trojans in ’19! I’ll be a tough season…..


  3. Lamont,

    If you don’t recognize that Darnold was a generational talent who was worth at least 3 wins per year…..then you don’t recognize it. He had too many turnovers his last year essentially because he was trying to do too much. Turnovers were not an issue his first year at the helm.

    The truth that we saw in the previous seasons about Clay’s lack of expertise as a head coach came home last year when Sam wasn’t around to pull the team out of the fire.

    Clay is a class guy, no doubt. He’s just not a great football coach. No doubt.


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