USC Morning Buzz: Sunday Notes

USC offensive coordinator Kliff Kingsbury was one of three Trojans coaches at the Mater Dei-De La Salle game Saturday night.

Kingsbury offered Mater QB Bryce Young, a USC commit, a scholarship to Texas Tech when Young was in the eigth grade.

  • In case you missed it yesterday, I reported for that Clay Helton wanted to hire a defensive backs coach that Clancy Pendergast does not want to hire.

This is rare split between the two. Helton usually defers to Pendergast on defensive matters. The fact he might do something against Pendergast’s wishes is significant. Of course, why he is keeping Pendergast is surprising enough.

Helton has allowed Pendergast and John Baxter to enjoy exalted status at USC.

  • According to Pete Thamel of Yahoo, Austin Peay was interested in hiring Tee Martin as its head coach but Martin prefers to be an assistant coach at a Power 5 school.

10 thoughts on “USC Morning Buzz: Sunday Notes

  1. You weren’t questioning Clancy when he single-handedly took apart U-Dub in Seattle two seasons ago – that was a thing of beauty. Or when he was one toe-tap away from being a Super Bowl Champion defensive coordinator. Again, Scottie – stick to your strengths – news updates, recruiting. Not evaluating player or coaching talent.

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    1. You don’t need to be an expert to see that Pendergast is a marginal DC. This fact can be statistically verified in a matter of minutes. As far as his UDUB and SB games, the statistics also indicate they were anomalies. Even a blind squirrel finds an acorn once in awhile. USC hasn’t had even a decent D since Pete C.


  2. Clancy Pendergast is an okay Defensive Coordinator but he is very stubborn, and routinely resists making adjustments when he should. He also refuses to substitute so his starters can get some rest, and they always end up out of gas in the 4th quarter. Pendergast should have been fired, and the Defensive Line Coach, and receivers Coach should have been retained ! If Clay Helton allows Pendergast to control what assistants USC hires they will underachieve again HVAC system Helton, Pendergast, and Lynn Swann will all be fired. Helton is the Head Coach, and he needs to start acting like It!


  3. Tee Martin as a head coach? The thought boggles the mind. He probably couldn’t spell yes. I’ve heard and seen that he gives new meaning to the term football mind, as he has the mental facilities of a Spalding pro model.
    Oh well I guess that’s what happens when you work for USC people think you are smart.


  4. Pendergast is a terrible DC. SC has been giving up yards through the air and unbelievably through the ground. Occasionally, the defense rises up… but it is rare sighting… Pendergast should not be coaching at SC, but then again neither should Helton…. and any post without a FIRE SWAN is a bad post….


  5. USC has a history of recruiting talent that became Heisman Trophy winners and All Americans. If you take a look at the “first” and “second” All American teams selected, there isn’t a single USC player on either team. What does that say about the leadership of Clay Helton as head coach? If SC wants to regain its stature as a winning team with talented players, then Clay Helton needs to be removed as head coach. Moreover, if Lynn Swann (an All American and All Pro) can’t understand what needs to be done, then he needs to be fired.


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