USC Recruiting Is Something Else, Part III

I never underestimate USC’s ability to put together a top recruiting class with its tradition.

But these are not the headlines I normally see:

  • USC offers defensive back committed to Colorado
  • Cornerback committed to Georgia Tech will visit USC this weekend
  • Top USC offensive line prospect decommits from North Carolina State

Like I said, anything is possible in recruiting but it would be nice to hear some prospects committed to Notre Dame, Michigan or Alabama might flip to USC.


15 thoughts on “USC Recruiting Is Something Else, Part III

  1. Chances are if a kid has an offer from Notre Dame, Alabama, but not Michigan, they want to go there. It’s not like there isn’t enough talent to go around. We’ve seen teams with fewer stars beat out heads until we saw stars.
    It’s not the stars we recruit, but what we do with them that wins games. Here’s hoping we are going for better playing from our team next year.

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    1. Hey Michigan has a good team. And Colorado wasn’t too shabby. You are right what we do with the players is more important that what they did in their cream puff high school days.

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    2. Football is the ultimate TEAM sport made up of individuals who can fill gaps and play together. The pros find football players everywhere|- many times and places where big programs have not looked or have overlooked. Heart and toughness are immeasurables that stars cannot quantify. Recruit players that have heart, are tough, are competitive, and talented and the program will turnaround. It isn’t just about stars.

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  2. Why would a top rated player want to sign with USC, the program is in disarray, and the coaching is suspect. The only people who are baffled at the low rated recruits considering Trojans football, are the arrogant administration from top to bottom

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  3. Talented young players go to schools for specific and personal reasons. If a college and/or University has a profound head coach, e.g., Nick Saban, Urban Meyer, with an impressive winning history and solid coaching reputation, then there’s a stronger chance for the young player to select that school to get their experience while in college. Most “4” and “5” star players will not play for a coach who has a losing record during the regular season, as well as, the post-season, I.e., bowls.
    USC will never be in the recruitment limelight with a mediocre head football coach. Why would anyone decent player want to play for a team that loss against the “cross town rival” that had a 2-10 season record? It’s time to get back on track with the “USC tradition” and get rid of in effective head football leadership.


    1. unless the player sees that the team is on the rebound and the team is starting to rise again in status, wins, bowl games, and national championships. That is what happened with Carroll. Unfortunately, Helton’s record or persona does not lead us fans nor the recruits that SC is on the rebound. It is going to take two years, beating bama, and win in the bowl games against teams like ohio st. or Oklahoma to convice the recruits that SC is back.


  4. SC is even worse in JUCO …every year top SEC teams TOP Big 10 ,Big12 teams, Utah Washington ,Oregon are in there first…SC used to be a real closer with both JUCO and High School top athletes ,in all sports.


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