Oklahoma 81, USC 70

Like clockwork, USC plays a team that is not a tomato can and loses.

Oklahoma beat USC for the second straight season and both games were on neutral courts (last year at Staples Center, this year in Tulsa).

USC is 5-5 overall. The good news is the Trojans play Santa Clara and Southern Utah next, which is more to Andy Enfield’s liking.  Wasn’t it supposed to matter that Bennie Boatwright came back this season?


12 thoughts on “Oklahoma 81, USC 70

      1. Funny thing is UCLA basketball is USC football. Both have talent, both have terrible head coaches. Alford is Helton, no identity, no toughness, can’t decelop guys. He recruits well and that’s about it.


  1. Enfield needs to go along with a pathetic staff. Injured players run rampant on this team. There is no discipline play only playground
    type of run and gun with way too many turnovers. Recruiting lame
    recently with two high profile players, O’Bannon and Brooks almost
    useless. Get the Belmont Coach!


    1. Mr. B., if you recall, St. Pat kneejerk employed Andyain’twinning after Enfield’s lucky, one time deep run in the NCAA tournament.

      As so often happens, Andyain’twinning hasn’t coached SUCCX to the tournament level that helped Enfield arouse St. Pat’s rash attention.


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