Can USC Steal A Recruit From Ed Orgeron?

USC hosted five-star offensive lineman Kardell Thomas of Baton Rouge, La., this weekend. He has been committed to hometown school LSU since 2016.

Does anyone really think Ed Orgeron is going to lose a five-star from his backyard to the school he feels betrayed him?


6 thoughts on “Can USC Steal A Recruit From Ed Orgeron?

  1. No. EO knows too much re: how dysfunctional USC Football/Athletics is. Moreover, he can quote chapter and verse on how inept CH is, to say nothing of Pendergast’s defense. He’s USC’s worst recruiting nightmare. I’d stay away from recruits committed to LSU. For SC, it’s a black hole.

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  2. It’s funny how Pat Haden thought Ed Orgeron was an idiot who couldn’t run the Trojans football program, but then he hired Clay Helton? Haden comes across as a buffoon after his run as athletic director at USC , which proves you can’t just plug anybody into that position. And I’m sure Orgeron doesn’t even have to lift s finger to recruit that offensive lineman , because he knows he’s just taking a trip to see the sunshine state, and get a few free meals… lmao 😂


  3. Orgeron is better than Helton. Kid won’t leave, unless there is family out here who the kid wants to be with. That is the only way I see it.


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