Don’t Take My Word On USC Recruiting Class

You already know USC’s recruiting class is not up to the usual standards but the Trojans still have around 10 open slots to land some prospects.

But don’t take my word for it. Here is what Mike Farrell, the national recruiting director for Rivals, said in an article on the early signing day:

“The Trojans are ranked outside the national top 25 and have an embarrassing (for them) 3.19 star average for their 16 commitments. Usually there are a ton of five-stars just waiting until the end of the process to choose the Trojans but this year that isn’t the case aside from Bru McCoy. This could be one of the worst recruiting years for USC in history.”

This is pretty consistent with what other analysts think but usually won’t say in public.

There are already plenty of excuses being piled up by some fans and stuck-in-a-time-warp pundits who no longer have sources or relevance:

  • They say five-star prospect Kayvon Thibodeaux had baggage and USC did not want him.
  • They say it is better to have hungry three stars than four-or-five stars. Read this to dispel that theory. These people also forget USC’s coaching staff does not develop anyone.
  • They say to trust the coaches who are offering players being recruited by Utah State and New Mexico State. Uh, sure, this coaching staff cannot develop good talent and it will do better with average-to-mediocre talent? Who wants a recruit that Alabama is recruiting? Nick Saban knows nothing!

10 thoughts on “Don’t Take My Word On USC Recruiting Class

  1. Scottie, I don’t think anyone disagrees with you on the points you keep rewriting, so instead, how about giving us some valid inside info?
    If your hope is that the people with decision making influence are reading yours posts, then I’m sorry to say, they are not.

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  2. SCooter,

    You bring up some points, however, to show balance, which you did not report, Helton usually finishes strong in February. He has this type of start in recruiting but does finish well. We will see.


  3. As long as helton is in charge 5 star players and many 4 star ones who have aspirations to develop into possible pro players will avoid SC …helton and his practices do not develop potential, they just use up what the athlete learned in high school. Helton decides if practice will be full pads with blocking and tackling at full speed like games are played. He usually chooses to practice in shorts, have walk throughs,just watch tape, etc…5-7 is a great year for that kind of football coaching.

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  4. Is this guy seriously posting what a Rivals recruiting source when he continues to help or workn at 247???????????

    Wow that is not smart buisness and just very dumb and unprofessional on by this guy.



  5. As much as I’ve loved USC football over the last 35 years, I wouldn’t sign there if I was a top recruit . The top players getting drafted out of SC are usually receivers, or a linebacker or two, and everyone else seems to be a bust because of lack of development.

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  6. I don’t think it is possible to over state what heltons practices,or lack thereof, spring ball and fall camps have done to the SC program…and now recruiting… instead of players in the 5 star filling the ranks and 4 stars finishing …SC will be loaded with 3 stars and 4 stars filling the ranks…if they manage a real 5 star ,other than a receiver ,I will be pleased. I do not think there will be even 1 5 star lineman…maybe a couple 4 star linemen…and there is not one thing you can do about it, and helton cares even less than swann.


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