USC Sends Recruit To UCLA

Defensive end Datona Jackson of College of Desert planned to sign with USC on Wednesday. But the Trojans pulled their scholarship offer on Tuesday.

So Jackson will sign instead with crosstown rival UCLA.

With all the recruits USC is losing, it is surprising it is turning anyone down. USC obviosuly thinks it found someone better for the scholarship but this doesn’t quite jibe with Clay Helton’s motto of “Faith, Family and Football.”

It just keeps getting better and better with each story that emerges from USC recruiting this year.

The program still looks like a mess and USC hasn’t even lost a game for nearly a month.


11 thoughts on “USC Sends Recruit To UCLA

  1. What’s USC’s problem? You always say USC recruits itself, so what’s wrong with the University? No prez? It’s clearly not Clay’s fault, because whenever he lands a top 5 class, you credit the University. So what the hell is going on in South Central??


  2. Recruits listen to sports talk, read sports pages, and are on social media. Helton’s ineptitude is no secret. Recruits don’t want to be part of this mess.

    Next up, fans/alumni don’t want to be part of this mess. The majestic coliseum with shiny new suites will look like a poorly attended scrimmage on game day.

    Look around Clay…you created this. You are the master of your universe, soak it in.


  3. sweet scoopin wolfman.

    Hombre Lobo is en fuego!!

    Word around the campfire is, Jackson was visiting UCLA for the soythern cal game and made a comment about how obvious the coaching disparity was between UCLA and South Central clown college tech. The word got back to the claymaker after Jackson committed to clown college and claymaker yanked the scholi. HAHAHAHA – claymaker is muy sensitivo. it’s probably from all that soy. But hey, you wouldn’t be the soy boys of troy without soy!

    VIVA CLAY!!!


  4. In my last.conversation with NSABAN, DSWEENEY, and UMEYER, it was unanimous: THEY SAID THE KEY TO RECRUITING IS WINNING! ! !

    You think kids go to BAMA because of NSABAN’s engaging personality or values (family, faith . .)? They don’t give a sh•t about that stuff. They go to be part of a winning program, which are also programs that develop their talent and increase the probability to move to the next level. Prior to MSABAN and PCARROLL, talented athletes didn’t flock to BAMA and USC. That came after both were hired.

    Let’s face it. CH has been exposed for what he is: a good guy and a very mediocre coach. This is simply not enough for the top blue chippers.


  5. It’s signing day my little trOJies!! Why all the doom and gloom??!! Why doesn’t the official southern cal page not even have a signing day mention let alone a page??? Have they given up??

    But everyone knows the key to recruiting is an intelligent reasonable fan base not an overbearing idiotic unreasonable fanbase! Don’t blame Clay Helton or Pendergast!! Look in the mirror @$$wipes!! This is all on you!


    1. Wish it was that simple . . . Never heard a recruit give the “intelligent fan base” as the reason for signing a letter of intent. Delusional?


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