So Much For Sweeping Changes

USC has officially announced its remaining coaching staff changes today:

Outside Linebackers: Joe DeForest

Inside Linebackers: Johnny Nansen

Offensive line: Tim Drevno

Wide Receivers: Keary Colbert

Tight Ends: John Baxter

REACTION: I previously wrote about DeForest getting promoted from defensive analyst. Nansen did outside linebackers last season and will do inside next season. I’m not really sure what his expertise would be for either.

Colbert to wide receivers is a good move because he played the position. Drevno was already coaching the offensive line after Neil Callaway got fired with mixed results and wasn’t a world beater when he coached them under Steve Sarkisian in 2014.

Why is Baxter coaching tight ends again? He did it two years ago when Cary Angeline transferred and said Baxter never spoke to him to try and keep him at USC. Angeline is now at North Carolina State.

I guess coaching special teams is not enough for Baxter.

Remember how Lynn Swann, the incompetent athletic director, compared USC to the sweeping changes made at Notre Dame? This is not exactly change you can believe in.


14 thoughts on “So Much For Sweeping Changes

  1. I think it’s great that Clay Helton is pretty much keeping his coaching staff, that way it won’t get too pricey when everyone is dismissed after next season.

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      1. Agreed. Helton isn’t that smart but neither is Swann. He was probably too busy playing golf to bother trying to find other assistant coaches. I mean, you got to make phone calls and everything. That’s work!

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  2. Performance by the players on a squad reflects the coaching. Excellent performance generally results in a WIN. The 5-7 record for the Trojans speaks volumes about the ineptness of all the coaches starting with Helton. Moreover, since the lackluster performance of the SC squad was highlighted by a miserable loss to a 3-9 team across town, then I don’t believe it would be prudent to retain any of the coaches that comprise Helton’s coaching staff. The sad thing about all this is the obvious fact that Helton and Swann don’t have the sense and/or cajones to make the necessary changes to bring the team in southern California that use to be highly respected by coaches, media, and all college football fans, back to stature it once had for many decades. As a concerned SC alumni, I will turn to a glass of Single Malt to keep my agitation from getting out of control….

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  3. The student health center physician is not the only egregious case of malpractice. It appears to be institution-wide, including the school president, board of trustees, athletic directory, and head football coach.


    1. Lack of Institutional Control?
      The SoCal blind faithful whined about the NCAA and the Kiffin era sanctions but apparently they knew more about the fiber of the “institution” when they coined this now famous phrase.
      (No, not Clown College, the other famous phrase)


  4. SC was nicknamed “Tailback U” back in the day when there was no terrorism and HIV, and when cigs were a quarter a pack. Some of the “Old School” alumni I have dialoged with lately are now saying “Tail Between the Leg U”. It’s a crying shame that a school with such a profound heritage regarding collegiate football is now trying to save face due to the obvious fact there is a clear absence of leadership from the AD and Head Football coach. The first order of business for SC’s new permanent president should be to give Helton and Swann their “walking papers”. If nothing is done, then new president and board of trustees should not expect the LA Colesium to more than a “quarter full” on Saturdays beginning in September.

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    1. I agree with your “walking papers” comment in your second-to-last sentence, but don’t get your hopes up. The self-congratulating, arrogant “Captains of Industry” and Board of Trustees will probably hire another Sample or Nikkias, i.e. someone who doesn’t give a fig about football, etc. Truly sad and pathetic days at SC.

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  5. Speaking of changes, could you write something that includes less nagging, less opinion, and more substance. Go find out which two players might transfer in and become part of the team. Less opinion, more facts.


  6. Hats off to Coach Helton. Setting new traditions. For instance: losing to UCLA, Stanford & CAL in a single season.

    When did that last happen? Another five year contract. Yea. Be kissing a lot of ass on the way down that ladder.

    Practice in shorts & shirts. What a novel idea.

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  7. It can get worse. 3-9 record next year. No strong personalities on the staff. No yellers and the type of coaches that are yes men. SC sucks and will suck next year. How the mighty have fallen. Horrible

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