There Are Cornerbacks Everywhere But USC

I’m sure if wide receiver Bru McCoy of Mater Dei picks USC it will be celebrated by everyone.

But he is a wide receiver and USC needs cornerbacks.

So let’s check on some local cornerbacks:

Five-star Elias Ricks (Class of 2020) of Mater Dei committed to LSU.

Four-star Darion Green-Warren (Class of 2020) committed to Oklahoma.

Four-star Jeremiah Criddell of Mater Dei (2019) signed with Oklahoma last week.

Five-star Chris Steele of St. John Bosco (2019) is not expected to commit to USC.

But USC is getting a cornerback who had offers from Portland State, Sacramento State and Washington State.

You can talk all day about Kliff Kingsbury‘s offense but Clancy Pendergast is going to have young cornerbacks playing man-to-man coverage next season and none of them have showed anything so far. And it doesn’t look like much help is on the way.


19 thoughts on “There Are Cornerbacks Everywhere But USC

  1. No CBs? Lazy reporting. Here are four outstanding Trojan CBs who will play next year.
    2018 5 Star Olaijah Griffin (played a lot as a true Fr)
    2018 4 Star Isaac Taylor Stewart (Chose SC over ‘Bama; got hurt, redshirted)
    2017 4 Star Greg Johnson (RS Frosh started and played plenty; showed flashes)
    2018 4 Star Chase Williams (ended up at Safety because of injuries; will play this year)
    Quality, not quantity. These high school guys that Wolf mentions aren’t just going to walk in and play like they would in Westwood or some other scrub college like Lazy SW suggests.You want to know a big reason why SC didn’t sign a ton of CBs? Griffin and Stewart are National recruits who you won’t just jump over. A CB who thinks that he will play over them, not to mention Johnson, has to have intestinal fortitude which some of these guys obviously don’t have. I think Ricks (’20) will eventually flip. Steele, if he is as good as advertised (he passes the eye test on TV) and wants to “develop”, should if only because there isn’t a better way to develop than in In-game experience. He will play.
    Quit whining, SW, and do some real reporting.

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    1. You forgot 5* true freshman safety Hufanga who played and started until he got hurt..and r/s freshman Isaiah Pola-Mao who was a four star and started prior to injury.


      1. Talking CBs only, Pud. Those guys look like ballers also. Max Williams, a corner from Sierra, was offered by Bama, LSU etc but signed with USC.

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  2. Our coach is a very nice guy Saban is an A-Hole idk what the answer is but I think that the problem is the AD. Lynn Swann was an amazing WR the OC decision brilliant but we definitely need a new DC he just hasn’t done the job I think that he’s overrated. If we would have hired a new DC we would have kept some of our Kid’s at home where they should be. Our kid’s are smart they see the job that our DC has done and NOBODY is impressed!!


  3. Cornerback is very important but we need total defense DL, LB, DE pass rushers!!!!!! Taking a 3 star DL recruit away from Washington is not exciting to me taking a 5 star DL away from an SEC team would excite me. Watch the High School All American team see where all of the 5 star and 4 star DL go to Bama, Auburn, Florida, Coach “O” one of the best Recruiter’s ever at LSU who we should NEVER have let get away!!!!! Who is taking our 5 star recruits our of Southern California to go to LSU sad!!!! Offense is great but everybody knows Defense wins Championship’s!!! I am a California Kid true and true at 47 year’s old only California Blood runs through my Body but if we had an SEC defense to go with our USC offenses we would be winning our 12th National Championship immediately!!!


    1. 45 years,all my life, here in SoCal also (always in The Valley). I hear you on the 4 and 5 stars, but a number a great 3 Star rated player have done super well as Trojans. I’ve written a long post documenting these outstanding players before, but here are just a few off the top of my head: Marcus Martin, JR Tavai, KevinEllison (rest in peace), Uchenna Nwosu, Ryan Khalil, Charles Brown, Josh Pinkard, Lofu Tafufu, Deontay Burnett, Clay Matthews Jr. , Moodie McNeal, Ma’uga (on the team right now), Brandon Pili, and a TON more.

      Good post, amigo.


  4. Nothing makes me sicker than watching all of these out of state programs coming into our backyard and taking our 5 star recruits to go win National Championship’s at their school. They should be getting our leftover 3 star recruits that nobody wants instead of getting our 5 star recruits!!!!! We are now Fighting over 3 Star’s with other schools while our 5 star’s are getting taken from us and USC is ok with this. SAD!!!! Yes I agree we have been having good recruiting classes even last year but it’s NEVER ok to go in the wrong direction because we need depth at every position you Reload NEVER rebuild!!!!! Next year we will be fighting to get 2 star’s something has to be done!!!!


  5. Three star recruits are not always bad because some are underrated like our new DB from the state of Washington who should be a 4 star and probably would have been if not for his injury. Hopefully we hit it big with all of our new 3 Star’s but it’s unacceptable at USC where 5 star’s are used to line up to play at USC!!!!!! Something is obviously wrong and must get fixed!!!! I respect everyone’s comments because we all love SC and want our team to be the best. Watching Oregon with ZERO national championship’s take a 5 star recruit from Our school who we all know is the PAC-12 is sad USC / 11 National Championship’s should NOT be losing any recruits that we want to any other school especially from the PAC-12!!!!! We are the Alabama of the PAC-12!!!! Am I the only one who sees the obvious? Where are the Booster’s? Why are they NOT on a rampage? The Alumni where are you guys?


  6. I’m confused, isn’t 4 star Max Williams considered a cornerback? It appears that he signed with USC over offers from Alabama, LSU, and most of the other PAC-12 schools.


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