Morning Buzz: Why Doesn’t USC Adapt NFL Formula?

The NFL theory on Kliff Kingsbury seems to be that it is OK to hire someone who went 35-40 at Texas Tech because you just need to pair him with a veteran blue-chip defensive coordinator, sort of like the Rams.

So if that is pro teams think, why doesn’t USC adopt this theory?

They already have Kingsbury. So why not go out and hire the best defensive coach in the nation?

LSU has Dave Aranda. Oregon pays Jim Leavitt $1.7 million a year. Ohio State has Greg Schiano and Alex Grinch.

USC has Clancy “Mr. Personality” Pendergast.

Thanks, Lynn!

P.S. Lynn: Nice to make that analogy to Notre Dame a month ago when all you did was hire three new coaches. That is not what Brian Kelly did two years ago. Kelly brought in 17 new staff members.


8 thoughts on “Morning Buzz: Why Doesn’t USC Adapt NFL Formula?

  1. Like with anything, “you get what you pay for”. Why can’t our institution leaders wake up and smell the coffee and put the heat on loser Swann to put the heat on loser Helton to get rid of Pendergrast who has demonstrated he is a “proven loser”. Some say that the reason for all these losers congregating at SC stems from the theory that “like attracts like”. I’m of the position that all of these losers are still hanging out with each other on campus because the espouse the “mutual admiration society” mindset…Our rival across town must be laughing hysterically while SC’s football program goes to hell in a hand basket. Enough said using cliches…

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    1. Nikias hand picked Haden. Nikias went outside of the recommendations when he tapped Swann. Max didn’t want an experienced AD with ideas. He wanted a fundraiser and glad-hander who will not rock the boat.

      If KK jumps top the NFL (and takes Jenks with him), it will all come crashing down. Heritage Hall doesn’t need remodeling. It needs to be torn down.


  2. It is the stinking incompentency at USC that allows this joke of the athletice department to be in shambles. No one cares at USC regarding the teams. As long as the BOT’s collect their paycheck and they are okay, they don’t care. The only thing that will help is getting a president in here and his first question will be, “Mr. Swann, why is SC losing in football and what are your recommendations to improving the team”? Also, “If the team does not improve, you can find yourself a new job”. The heat has to be on Swann. Force him to improve. With the debacuary of the stadium, SC cannot afford to not have one seat unfilled.

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  3. As much as we (I assume most if not all of us) would hate to see it come to this, I find myself, hypocritically and self-loathingly finding this to be ER treatment I’ll take…would still prefer another that can accomplish the same thing, but…the recent administration’s betrayal of the fans is hardly worse…


  4. look for crowds in the 30,000 – 40,000 range this season. If the season goes south fast, and I have no doubt that it will, 20,000 wouldn’t surprise me.

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    1. I’ve mentioned on here a couple of times a lot of USC fans have regressed into a “it can’t happen here” mentality…it not only can, but it’s already happened…if the new OC stays they’re probably still staring at another terrible year, (probably 5-7 at best)…if he leaves, and the chaos that will ensue…it happened at other storied programs, but they always take decisive action to correct it (particularly Alabama, Ohio State, and Oklahoma)…but when you have an administration that is either incompetent and/or purposefully not interested or wanting to de-emphasize…that’s what happened at Miami, and the results have been disastrous (but even there, they forced a quality coach in Richt out after a 7-6 season)…private schools seem to be particularly susceptible to this…look at what happened to Houston and Georgetown in basketball as well…unless some one with authority decides to act, and acts boldly, the Pete Carroll era will not have been another period of glory, but more like a secondary explosion, with the present being the natural successor to the post-JRob I era…

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