USC Morning Buzz: An NFL Insider Theory On Kliff Kingsbury

I spoke to an NFL defensive coordinator Sunday night about the Kliff Kingsbury situation and whether he could end up as head coach of the Jets or Cardinals?

“I think these teams want to get him in for an interview and in the process convince him to become the offensive coordinator,” the coach said. “They really want him for offensive coordinator but know that might not be enough to get him to interview.

“Let’s say the Jets get him to interview. Who would you rather coach? Sam Darnold or JT Daniels?”

The exception, of course, would be the New England Patriots. It’s the gold standard of coaching and Kingsbury was drafted by the Patriots in 2003. So he would probably consider that job seriously on its own with the knowledge it is  a platform for an NFL head-coaching job.

“I don’t get what Lynn Swann is doing,” the coach. “You don’t want to send a message to future coaches that their path to promotion will be blocked by USC.

“It doesn’t really apply to the rest of the staff because what NFL team wants those coaches?”


21 thoughts on “USC Morning Buzz: An NFL Insider Theory On Kliff Kingsbury

  1. So this avid golfer whose last name somewhat suggests an elegant bird was unbelievably generous to the incapable head coach with unacceptable performance and record for the season, but he turns around to become a “villain” blocking teams from contacting his newest subject of pride and joy. It’s like we’ve got ourselves Two-Face from Batman as AD, which seems quite fitting to all the mess the program has been in.

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  2. In America, politicians “talk that talk” and “walk that walk” to get elected. What they have done in life may be important to some voters, but it’s the “confidence” the voters have relative to the candidate doing the job and helping, as well as, benefiting them that counts. Any other job in America generally requires “qualifications” coupled with credentials to substantiate the person is fit and can perform the duties of the position in question. If we take a close look at what has happened at SC in recent years regarding the Athlectic Director position, you would think that the Trustees would learn from their past mistakes. When they hired Haden, a former SC Trustee/American and Pro, to take charge of that administrative position of AD at SC, it wasn’t because he was fit and qualified to do the job; rather, they brought him in because of the “mutual admiration society” mentality the Trustees possessed about him, and believing he had the complete wherewithal to handle the job responsibilities adequately and successfully. The rest is history regarding Haden. Fast forward to Swann. The Trustees are still doing the same thing, and they are pointing the finger at this Blog as the source of the problem. It’s unfortunate that the Trustees are out of touch with reality in terms of knowing what the criteria is for an Athlectic Director at a relatively large institution of higher education. Moreover, you would think that since there aren’t any more toes left in their feet due to shooting themselves in the foot multiple times, you would think they might say to themselves, it’s time to cease and desist with doing that. And finally, if they continue to retain Swann and not remove him because of the salient fact he is unqualified and has shown complete incompetence in dealing with the overall responsibilities of Athlectic Director at SC, then SC will continually lose ground on every front and be an utter embarrassment on the field on Saturdays, as well as, throughout academia.


  3. So an NFL guy, who couldn’t care less about college football, just throws out the JT or Darnold comment? Also trashes the rest of the USC staff?

    Nope… not buying a single word of it. Come on Scott, if you are going to make stuff up at least make it believable.

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  4. First, it was the NFL that created this rule. I also notice that John Elway is currently using it to prevent teams from interviewing Kubiak. Is Elway an idiot, too?

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  5. The plot thickens (see link below)…if Brady likes him publicly, and the Pats are probably trying to find ways to make him want to continue to play…and the USC Helton life support club should pay attention to this also because it’s a reminder of why those of us on the other side refuse to tolerate Helton and Pendergast’s retention…great coaches build great staffs, install systems, gameplan, adjust, demand discipline and effort…and use athleticism to accentuate the output of their comprehensive approach…not to serve as a substitute for incompetence…


  6. Yeah always the anonymous source and they say exactly the same vitriol you spew everyday. Just wondering Scott, why do people always tell you how bad things are on the team, yet since Ykili and Godfrey’s departure only one kid has transferred? And grimes has issues with his academic progress and two children in Vegas.
    And oh BTW, Darnold had more turnovers at SC his junior year than almost all teams let alone individuals.. and more sacks than JT. Your hatred of all things Mater Dei is so transparent it’s not even funny, you twerp swordsman. JT will earn more money in his first nfl season than you have your entire miserable SC hating life. Such a poor life choice for you.


    1. JT will never be anything more than a 1-2 year after thought in the NFL…short, immobile, average arm strength, forces passes, and has rabbit ears…and a dad who apparently is green lighted to comment on coaching staff decisions…this program is a disaster…if you can’t see that, go ahead, join the other 30-40K fans who will watch a 3-9 unfold next season…then tell everyone how you knew it all along…you sound like one of the media free riders who value access more than seeing what is so plainly obvious…

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      1. If JT lasts only two years or two days he’ll have out earned Scotty. That’s why Scotty is such a bitter ole man.
        We’ll see what kind of prognosticator you are too.


    2. Lets see, Mater Dei had 72 athletic transfers this year—-and you think that’s the way to run a high school athletic program? Maybe you can become the “IMG” of the west coast and play nothing but the same kind of programs?


      1. You keep hating on MD. Never see you complaining when SJB gets transfers? Or any other schools, like LB Poly when that qb had to get out of town for punching that kid.. if it’s legal there’s nothing wrong with it. Kids have always been allowed to transfer for educational programs but you’d limit sports. Well who the heck are you to say where someone else’s kid should go? Where else do they play as good a schedule or get the exposure? You wear your jealousy on your sleeve. Poly was getting and continues to get transfers but I’ve never seen you cry until MD started winning. Grow up, they’re not your kids.


    3. So, basically, you get pretty choked up and defensive when someone bursts your bubble about the fact that this program has serious issues on many levels right now? Yep, just shoot the messenger. Or, rather than crying like a baby about hearing what you don’t wish to acknowledge from a blogger, focus your energy and angst at the BOT, Administration, the AD or your lord and god, Clay Helckett, and perhaps if enough of us do* and revenues decrease enough, some action will finally be taken. Or, stuff that C&G pom-pom back up your backside, have more seven-layer bean dip and enjoy more 5-7, 6-6, 7-5 and 8-4 seasons and aspire to be able to make it to the Foster Farms Bowl, or whatever. That’s not good enough for me, for most alums, fans and former players, and it’s not where USC should be, ever. Ever.
      ( * – See 2000 / Hackett dismissal)

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      1. Oh your sensitivity! Wow, you call me a crybaby. I’d stick those pom poms there when you pull your head out. All you’re little miserable stories of how it’s all falling down.. only for scotty it doesn’t matter. He’ll make shift up just to give you a sample. Go fly a banner..hahaha. Lot of good crying does for you. You probably don’t even step foot on campus or talk to any administrators nor donate money (at least then you could say you were withholding your donation) but your a sideline sitting little twerp who can’t get out of his own way except here on a blog. Ooh, me. Excuse me while I kiss the sky🖕🏻


  7. Everyone is saying Swann made a mistake by not allowing teams to talk to Kingsburry. I say BS. When I want a car or to buy a house I got to fork over a non refundable deposit to keep it off the market while I come up with the money to buy it.
    USC has been off the market for a month and now the “buyer “ wants to back out of his commitment? Hell yes I’d make him pay.


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