USC Morning Buzz: Message For Lynn Swann

Can you imagine the athletic director at Washington, Alabama or Texas hiding inside Heritage Hall the past few days like Lynn Swann?

It is hard to believe this guy worked for ABC or ran for governor of Pennsylvania the way he avoids making any public comments. Let me be clear: The point of these comments is for the fans. The people who buy tickets and actually care about who coaches the football team.

They want to know what happened with Kliff Kingsbury. They want to know what happened to the promised changes mentioned in Swann’s post-season statement. They want one morsel of information to make them feel better about the 2019 season.

Just google Washington athletic director Jennifer Cohen, Alabama athletic director Greg Byrne or Texas athletic director Chris Del Conte. They actually talk to their constituents. They do more than play golf. They administrate.

It’s all too much to ask for from Swann. In about two weeks, it will be the one-year anniversary of the last time Swann did a “State of Troy” interview where he weighed in on current events at USC. Pat Haden did it monthly. But it’s too much to ask for Swann.

15 thoughts on “USC Morning Buzz: Message For Lynn Swann

  1. Since the NCAA sanctions, SC Athletic Dept. seems to have become where a bunch of shady individuals operates it behind the scenes completely defiant about what their alumni and fans think about the direction moronically set by them. Did most of us approve what Haden did for the program during his tenure? Did he even care anything other than enjoying his media exposure? Does Swann give a damn about the future of the football program? I’m not convinced of it judging from his idiotic moves that let Helton stay and, of course, the comedic KK debacle. As much as I want to be optimistic about the future of the program, I can’t help but think that it’s a lost ship with nobody attempting to right it at the moment.

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  2. Optimistically-convening state of the program council with a consulting firm of knowledgable individuals to arrive at a comprehensive plan to rebuild the football program.

    Realistically-Contemplating how much CYA to add to the toxic stew of incompetence and whether Clay and Clancy can serve a bowl of it without spilling it in his lap…

    Almost any of us on this site, including the trolls, could do a better job…until wholesale change is affected, we are all wasting our time on this (which is what really motivates people like Wolf and the other quasi-media entities to continue posting these articles – they know they’re bread won’t be getting much more butter as this disaster causes interest to dwindle).

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  3. While pursuing the doctorate at SC, I studied several management theories. The one that is quite appropriate to Swann (or Helton for that matter) is the “Peter Principle”. Simply put, it states that a person rises to the level of incompetence in a disposition with an organization. Having said that, It might behoove Swann and (Helton too), to read that theory and then do some serious introspection and soul-searching. I can’t believe Swann tried to take his All-American status at SC and All-Pro designation with the Steelers to try and be a governor for a state; and now attempting to wing it as an Athlectic Director at SC with his profound background in sports. He would have been better off, in my humble opinion, sticking with the media as a commentator. At least in that capacity, there is always someone overseeing what you say and when and ensuring you don’t put your foot in your mouth…

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      1. I studied and practiced it Pudly76. And for the record, I earned a master’s and doctorate in administration relative to the public and educational sectors. It doesn’t make me an expert and/or better than you or anyone else, but I do know that I believe I am a far cry from being a “dumb shit”…As the late Rodney King professed: Can’t we all just get along?…


  4. People are talking about how incompetent Lynn Swann is on a national level, how embarrassing is that for USC ? I loved the different articles about him in the LA Times, some even referred to Swann as a fool. And with all the bad publicity SC has been receiving over the last 12 months, you would think the administration would force Swann to resign, because he is clearly over his head, and is embarrassing the University.

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  5. When is Country Club Lynn getting canned? I was incredibly frustrated with Helton over the past couple of years, but I’ve never personally disliked him. He’s just a guy who’s not qualified for a job at a certain level and taking a paycheck as long as he can get it. But Swann is just driving this program into the ground. Helton at least had a semblance football coaching experience. Swann has zero business being an administrator of any kind. He isn’t qualified to be an elementary school AD.

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  6. I don’t want to beat this to death and continually be critical of Swann handling the administration and management of the athletic programs at SC, but the time has come, at least for myself, to say “enough is enough”. Swann needs to consider, and take under advisement, going home and pouring himself a strong one and then select the most appropriate “Swan Song” before going to the interim pres at SC and handling over his resignation. If he decides not to do that, then he should be prepared to face the music that the very thing people always remember about you is what you did last. If you don’t give a fu..k about that Swann, then you should know that when you are elderly and attend an SC conference and/or national championship in the distant future subsequent to this clusterfu..k being rectified, you will always hear snickers and fingers pointing at you as you stroll by to sit in the VIP section at the LA Colesium. Do the right thing for yourself and anyone who has slammed you to the wall in Scot’s daily blog. Thank you.

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  7. Guys, it is real simple, If Swann can vote by not addressing the issues that are beleguring USC, then we the fans can vote and not renew the tickets to the games. If that happens for two years, then SC will have to answer.

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      1. Wow! What a truly great bunch of posts! It’s so great to come here, read what my buddies have to say and think, “I’ve got nothing to add. It’s all been said. Perfectly!”


  8. So the complete disintegration of a once proud program continues unabated…like water flushed down the toilet. It is impossible for any rational person to look at the turn-of-events in recent years (save that ONE glorious Rose Bowl win) and not get sick to the stomach. SC athletics is being run by incompetents. Today, it seems impossible that Trojan Football can be pieced back together. Look at the 2019 coaching staff. Look at the schedule. Look at the morale. Things are about to get even worse. Expect 7 losses.

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